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Ultimate Real World Functional Strength Ultimate Sandbag Training

Why do the HARDER thing?

Why do the thing that looks less sexy?

Why do something that may seem so different than everyone else?

The only GOOD reason is because it works so darn well!

I often tell people that I am NOT in the sandbag business. Of course that gets me a really confusing look, but I explain to them, I only care about one thing for you, results! If I could get a BETTER result with something else I would, trust me, I have in the past.

With that said though, I think it is also powerful when you hear the voices of other great coaches in the industry share very similar ideas that we do in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Whether or not you are aware, there is a revolution in this industry. One that care less about how you look when you train and more with the results you get FROM the training!

That is one reason I was really happy to see this article by strength coach, Dan John, resurface (you can read the full thing here). He calls it Anaconda Strength, sounds a bit scary right? Like a little “Snakes on a Plane” right?!

Actually what Coach John is referring to is what many of you in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training may already know. Using TENSION is what makes us strong and what can build crazy real world and gym strength! It is one of the REAL reasons we romanticize the idea of manual labor.

When manual labor was far more common than checking your Facebook status we saw strength completely differently. You could imagine what happens when you carry things all day, when you lug heavy, awkward objects around and REALLY work with your hands. Something that is almost impossible to replicate in the gym….almost.

Old time strongmen called this tendon and ligament strength building, Coach John calls in Anaconda Strength, you can imagine it is pretty important. Not just to your performance though, it is this SAME idea that actually keeps you healthy! Learning to create appropriate tension and at the right place helps stabilize your joints and makes the RIGHT muscles do their jobs.

You game? Then let’s talk ideas of how to build it!

Of Coach John’s recommended techniques, the one that I have seen to have the biggest results with includes…

“The best movements include snatch-grip deadlifts, Zerchers, loaded carries, sled and sandbag work, kettlebell cleans, and thick bar exercises.”

Now, we talked A LOT about Zerchers in the post HERE, the other day. You will want to use these A LOT! One of the benefits we didn’t talk about was their impact upon your breathing. You will notice it is kinda hard to breathe. Why?

When the core creates tension, your breathing must become more shallow and efficient. If you REALLY want to build that crazy type of endurance that athletes like fighters and tactical athletes are looking for you are FAR better off using long duration Front Loaded exercises like Up Downs, Squats, and Lunges than you are oxygen masks!

You see it is a BIG issue right now with high intensity training. People are picking exercises that DO NOT build that crazy real world strength because high tension exercises KICK YOUR BUTT! Going 30 seconds of high tension like the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills I just mentioned is VERY different than let’s say 30 seconds of burpees!

I Warned You!!!

Now you might EXPECT the next recommendation to come from the “sandbag guy”, but it isn’t my words! Coach John has a very strong suggestion for your super strength…

“An alternate way to train anaconda strength – perhaps the best way to train it – is bag carries…The best training tool is to simply bear hug the load and walk away. You can quickly feel the odd breathing pattern that you need to walk and hug.”

That tension you create in the upper body is SOOOO important. You don’t want to simply walk with the Ultimate Sandbag and survive. You want to “break the bag apart” as hard as you can! All of a sudden you feel your lats, core, and pretty much every muscle you have go into overdrive!

How can something so simple work? Well, why don’t you try this workout from Coach John?

Bear crawl for 50 yards.
Stand up, grab the bag, and bear-hug for another 50 yards.

Now, we at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training have of course other evil, er, I mean effective ideas for you. Some of you may not have 50 yards, some of you just might find the need to make this a bit more challenging than you think it is.

So, try this….

60 Seconds Bear Crawl with Forward Drag (Ladies aim for a 15 pound Core Ultimate Sandbag, Guys, a 25 pound Power Ultimate Sandbag)

Bear Hug and Walk for 60 seconds (Ladies aim for a 60 pound Strength, Guys, a 100 pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag)

Rest ONLY as you need and see if you can go for 15-20 minutes. You will find that your body is DONE and no ONE thing is tired. Your body just gets this overall feeling of WORK!! THAT is how you know you are building the type of strength that is going to get you serious results in and out of the gym.

You can also use this format for a smaller session at the END of your workouts to see if you can find mental as well as the physical strength to succeed! Only one question now? You ready to go into 2017 your best yet?!!!

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