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Ultimate Sandbag Crawls for Total Core Workout

sandbag exercises

People might be looking at it in the same mindset as burpees. Yes, crawling has gotten to be such a popular core exercise for a lot of reasons. One of them is this idea that because we crawled as babies that this is somehow our reference point for movement.

Now, does crawling help? Sure! It is a time under tension drill and does a great job of training a more dynamic plank. Does it work because of our development from childhood?

Interestingly enough, an article in the Scientific American (you can read HERE) researchers actually found, “According to anthropologist David Tracer of the University of Colorado at Boulder, babies of the Au hunter-gatherers of Pa­pua New Guinea do not go through a crawling stage. Instead their parents and other caregivers carry them until they can walk. Yet Au children do not appear to suffer any ill effects from skipping this phase. In a presentation given to the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Chicago this past April, Tracer argued that, in fact, not crawling may be entirely normal and possibly even adaptive.”

This often helps us look at why things might work and more importantly how we build better progressions when we think about the real benefits of different exercises. In the case of crawling, it has many wonderful benefits, but like any exercise, especially any core exercise, the results are largely dependent upon the ability to perform the details.

For most people crawling is really tough, there are issues of how to engage the ground properly, shoulder/hip strength and stability, as well as the ability of the core to resist movement in the drill. Heck, most people have a hard time holding a good push-up position!

core exercise

In DVRT we like to focus on how can we make people successful in a core exercise like crawling by both deconstructing it and using other drills to teach the concepts that allows one to successfully progress to more complex movements.


That’s why this series by DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn, will greatly help you realize the benefits of a core exercise like crawling can be achieved through a lot of different mediums allowing ANYONE to become truly successful!

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