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Ultimate Sandbag Deadlift Challenge 2.0

sandbag training

Isn’t it the ONE thing we all want to know? What is that one thing that we are missing that is going to make us successful? Many don’t like the answer which is that it usually isn’t just one thing. Part of us having a system with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that we provide a well rounded approach to training. That should seem obvious, but we live in an age where people love to be specialist. 

The fitness that most want to achieve though is more about being well rounded than it is great at one thing. After all, what is the point of being strong but unhealthy, mobile, but weak, powerful, but having no endurance? You see my point? That is why when I pose challenges in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training it isn’t with a desired purpose to punish or make you a specialist. 

Our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training challenges are often intended to build a quality or qualities that you have may have been missing before. Yet, we want to show you that we can still train and accomplish much of what I hear many people actually want to get out of their fitness programs. 

The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training deadlift challenge I posed last week (you can read about it HERE) is a great example Doing 100 deadlifts at the end of the workout seems crazy, but when you look at what people typically do in the name of “conditioning” is typically just designed to make themselves as humanly as sick as possible. 

sandbag deadlift

What I was hoping for you to accomplish in the 100 rep DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training deadlift challenge was to to still challenge yourself, but to instill the qualities of good movement. Endurance, technique, strength, tension, mobility, and stability. Not a bad combination right? 

The challenge was rather simple, take an Ultimate Sandbag as heavy as you had available. After the core part of your workout, perform 100 deadlifts with that weight. I got quite a bit of emails and private messages asking me why did I hate people’s core, lats, glutes, and hamstrings so much?! Of course I really don’t!

However, as renowned strength coach and good friend, Robert Dos Remedios says, “work capacity is the core of everything.” I was reminded of that after speaking with some coaches in Europe at this past weekend’s conference. It was interesting to hear something that I had not vocalized this way…..James Breese of Strength Matters pointed out to me the American infatuation with strict heavy load and power. While in Europe there was a great interest in functional endurance. 

What the heck is “functional endurance”? James was adamant that he wasn’t referring to people aiming to run marathons, but a form of condoning that would help our health as much as our endurance. While I don’t believe the 100 Ultimate Sandbag Training deadlift challenge is exactly what James has in mind, it was meant to help build more of our work capacity that so many people have gotten away from in training. 

sandbag training

At first I just wanted to keep it simple. Hopefully you ended performing this challenge 2-3 times in a week. I realize it was a lofty goal to get you to do it after every workout, so if you did it even 2-3 times you should find some great benefits. 

However, my real goal is to get you to be a bit more dynamic and real world with the Ultimate Sandbag Training challenge. What I actually recommend is one day with the classic conventional deadlift, then one to two days of our matrix deadlifts or even good mornings. 

When we start to use the different patterns of our deadlift we start to learn more about our body and where our weaknesses lie. I can’t tell you how many “functional” programs I see that are still almost all end up having the lifter move strictly up and down. Just sit at your local coffee shop, go to a park, heck, even a playground and you can see how such “functional” programs are far from that! It is amazing what people discover about their lack of functionality as they start moving. 

So, here is my new DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training challenge. One day select the heaviest Ultimate Sandbag you have and perform the 100 deadlifts at the end of your workout. The other one to days, select ONE of the patterns that DVRT Master, Larisa Lotz, has her clients demonstrate below. That would be 50 reps per side, but the key is to have these be as perfect of deadlifts as humanly possible. 

Don’t forge the importance of the feet, handle tension, and achieving that vertical shin as we move in these different patterns. It is work, I am not suggesting anything else! However, hard work done with great purpose yields the results we REALLY want from our workouts. Try it out and share your experiences with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training community HERE. 

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