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Ultimate Sandbag Deadlifts That NEVER Hurt Your Back!

sandbag training

It is fascinating to see the resurgence that deadlifts have gotten over the last ten years. For quite a long time they were thought to be the most destructive exercise for one’s low back. Now, most fitness programs think of them as a key in reducing the chances of low back injuries. BTW, this is a great way to know you are getting old, that you are able to see these cycles come and go:)

The truth is that deadlifts are good, well, if they are done well. Obviously that can be said of ANY exercise, but because of the nature of deadlifts, the room for error is much less.

While I have been happy to see deadlifts come back into vogue, the truth is that also means there is a lot of “iffy” things that come with them. Most notably the overemphasis on going heavy as soon as possible on them.

Is building strength important in creating success in the deadlift important? Of course, but I see it time and time again (my guess is you do too) people going heavy so fast that they lose the little details. Things like the proper upper back tension and the core bracing. Then you hear the excuse, “well, it is heavy!” Yea, a weight should never be there reason your form is compromised. That isn’t a GOOD excuse!

With such an emphasis on load, we also lose some other great principles of movement that we could greatly benefit from. That is combining elements of stability, mobility, WITH strength. Of course, that means getting to a more single leg position with our deadlifts.

Oh man! People HATE single leg deadlifts! I mean, most people would say they are good, but it is so hard to get people to do them well. Mostly because it is such a large change in stability people get frustrated quickly!

sandbag deadlifts

That is why we were determined to build Ultimate Sandbag deadlifts in a way that allowed people to become more successful in building towards their functional fitness goals. In fact, if you follow these progressions of Ultimate Sandbag deadlifts you will find that your strength and mobility not only increase quickly, but the risk to your low back is almost none!

It isn’t magic or a false promise. Rather, if you look at these Ultimate Sandbag deadlifts they are what physical therapist, Gray Cook, called self-limiting exercises. Meaning that they are REALLY hard to do wrong. Either you can or can’t do them and in order to do them you HAVE to possess proper movement skills.

In order to illustrate these points about our Ultimate Sandbag deadlifts, DVRT Master, Paige Fleischmann, has put together a great series with one of her clients to show you how easy it can be to really benefit from deadlifts without putting your back at risk!