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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for BETTER Squats

sandbag exercises

Cory Cripe, DVRT Master (Creator DVRT Movement Strength & DVRT Weekend Warriors)

I think back to the ol’ days when I was immersed in barbell training, where it was just you and the weight and that’s how things were. Then somewhere down the line something was introduced that totally blew my mind! You may think it was just DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises, but it was something deeper!

Large resistance bands and chains were being brought into the gym and you would attach them to each end of the barbell and add a different resistance to our training, whether it be bench pressing, squats, or deadlifts. However, it could really only add resistance in the one plane of motion we were working in all ready. So, even though there was value in it, there could be a whole lot more, but how?

It’s only a small, wimpy resistance band – what could go wrong?

When I first saw the Core Straps from DVRT, I immediately wanted one – in fact I got two right away! I could see the potential opportunities and benefits this simple addition would give our clients at Fitness Lying Down. Having them move under load in one plane of motion while having to resist from another plane – brilliant! So simple, yet so effective, that is our favorite recipe at Fitness Lying Down!

sandbag exercises

Like any decent leader – I needed to play with them myself before including them into our programming. I was amazed at what little tension from another direction could add to the education of a movement! Taking the most basic DVRT drills and finding ways to manipulate the resistance has made a world of difference on how we regress or progress in our programming.

Example: Ultimate Sandbag Training Front Loaded Squats

We can use the Core Straps as a regression with a not-so-great-squat pattern and “magically” turn it into a pretty impressive squat just with a little feedback. Using Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT) we can feed their bad pattern (Core Strap pulling them forward) to engage the brain and fight the forward tension to put that person in a great position for a successful squat!

We can also use it for a progression by changing the direction of the resistance. Maybe our stellar squatter is still front loaded, but let’s attach the Core Straps to the side handles and see what happens!

Squats are not the only creative way you can use these DVRT concepts to build better movement. See how many creative ways TwoGuns Training employs the Core Strap with Ultimate Sandbag exercises and bands! 

The beauty of the Core Straps is you don’t have to think, ‘engage the core.’ These DVRT drills, with the additional Core Strap resistance, requires an immediate response from your core – it’s reflexive and turns on hot right away! And like training with big ol’ bands and chains with the barbell, the tension will create more challenge where it once was a place of “rest.”

Think again of our USB FL Squats … without the happiness of the Core Strap, you could ascend up from the bottom of your squat and take a moment of “rest” at the top before returning to the bottom. Now enter in the happiness, and education, of the Core Strap – all of a sudden it’s more challenging on your plank at the top because the resistance is at it’s maximum from the tension of the Core Strap and resistance band!

So, if you haven’t played with the Core Straps yet – I highly recommend it! The ROI from such a simple fitness tool and how it will easily add more to your exercise menu … just like that! Taking familiar DVRT drills and slightly changing the meaning of them by adding a Core Strap will give you more VARIABLE in your Dynamic Variable Resistance Training!

Did you see what I just did there? ????????????

Check out how DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn, uses our Core Strap to take movement strength to another level! If you love these ideas, don’t miss Cory’s new Movement Strength programs that integrate the Core Strap with 25% off “vday” HERE and if you want to take training to another level check out the Core Strap for 25% off HERE