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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Better Squats

sandbag exercises


We know they are important, but man they can be frustrating to teach. Sure, squats are great for producing results for almost any fitness goal, but a lot of people really struggle in achieving great squats. After all, our goal with Ultimate Sandbag exercises aren’t to get you good at lifting “sandbags”, but to have you understand how to move correctly so you can benefit from the real power of strength training.

Many coaches see someone squat and get overwhelmed with what to do to help them how to squat. Well, first let’s come to agree that for 90% or more of the people you are going to be working with and probably yourself as well, you want a tall, upright posture. Why not get into that powerlifting squat?

Listen, if you want to target the hamstrings and glutes we have better ways of doing so that places less stress on the low back and the hip joints. Unless you are a powerlifter you are going to want that upright squat because not only does it develop great lower body strength, the full body mobility is pretty awesome.

Yes, with how we look at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises we want to achieve as much as possible in every exercise we perform. Why don’t we get that great looking squat? First, most people don’t know how to use their core when they squat. A strong and stable core allows the hips to move better. This is the old physical therapy concept of “proximal stability creates distal mobility.”

That means sometimes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises that look like they have NOTHING to do with squats can be really powerful. An example of this is our Dead Bug progressions. The beauty of Dead Bugs is they teach how to have a stable core while the extremities move. DVRT Master, Brian Flynn, demonstrates a great way to teach and give feedback for better core stability with these Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

You will be AMAZED how just adding THIS exercise makes your squat feel easier and overall better. However, we don’t want you to live on the ground. We want to use Ultimate Sandbag exercises that teach you how to use your core when you squat as well. One of the biggest misinterpretations of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises is that we are just using the weight as just another form of external resistance. This isn’t the case!

We are using the Ultimate Sandbag to create feedback and to create proper tension in the body’s chains that allow for better movement. Here are two of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises that lead to better squats instantly!

These types of concepts are what empower people to want to train more because it makes people better faster! The great thing is you can use these ideas in any of our Ultimate Sandbag exercises to take your training to another level like DVRT Master, Paige Fleischmann demonstrates in an awesome pistol press out!

Simple strategies that yield powerful results is what we want DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercise to be all about. That is why we continue to give you more information on how to move, lift, and perform your best. Check out more strategies HERE.

sandbag exercises