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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises Building Total Body Strength

sandbag training

DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn (Creator of DVRT Strength & Muscle & DVRT Obstacle Course Training)

Sometimes we get so immersed into out own styles of training; we don’t realize we’re soon becoming victims of our own habits. A immediate big realization I had when first training with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises was “why have I been thinking one muscle at time?”. We’ve all been there thinking “should I do legs…core…or upper body today?” before a workout. Isolation training has it’s place (more so in a avid bodybuilder’s program), but for the common person who wants to be in better shape and be in less pain especially – learning how the body works as ONE piece instead of a Frankenstien body will give better results in the long run.

People are always surprised to know with the size of my legs I never touch machines like leg extension/curls, leg presses, seated calf raises, and especially Smith Machines (cue the Wille Wonka meme: “Oh really? You can squat 315lb with a Smith Machine…you must be really strong”). The big reason why I don’t care to train or teach any of my students these pointless machines is because they all make you SIT (or cheat the movement). The average person sits nearly 7-8 hours a day! Why add even sit more in your daily fitness regimen with these isolated machines? It’s a waste of time, and sitting shuts down some of your biggest muscle groups in the posterior chain like the glutes. We want to be either want to be performing ground or standing exercises…and training in 3-D Ultimate Sandbags exercises


The training ideology of the glutes (in social media especially) is something that either gets completely misunderstood or overly put to much emphasis on as isolated muscle. The lats (the big wings on your the outside of back) can not only help prevent injury, but can strengthen your output in any exercise. However, the main reason the DVRT Ultimate Sandbags are so different from other modalities are the multiple handles that can engage the lats to tie into the core and glutes more like none other. This results in more focus and more quality reps being put out – rather than pointless seated machine reps. Not only that, we’re getting the most of the glutes beyond performing typical linear movements such as squats and lunges. We can now train in 3-D with a better sense of purpose knowing how the body can really move.

sandbag exercises

So you get a better idea and visual of how to utilize the Ultimate Sandbag’s different handles and 3-D glute strengthening exercises – this DVRT video should help give you a sense of what Ultimate Sandbags can really add to to training in little time. One of my best student’s April (a aspiring psychical therapist), demos this simple, but highly effective Ultimate Sandbag exercises for a 3-D Glute Workout:

Ultimate Sandbag Exercises-3-D Glute Workout:
– MAX Hip Bridge: 3-5 REPS (L to R = 1 Rep) / 3 SETS
– Dead Bug with Reach: 5-8 REPS (L to R = 1 Rep) / 3 SETS
-Suitcase MAX Lunge: 5 REPS each side / 3 SETS both sides
-Rotational Deadlift to Clean & Press: 5 REPS each side / 3 SETS both sides

Be sure to check out my new program – DVRT For Real World Strength & Muscle HERE to get more workouts like these into your programming. If like to get that cool Perform Better Ultimate Sandbag rack – it’s now on sale HERE: