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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises Evolving Our Functional Fitness

sandbag training

I never really wanted to do things differently. For most of my lifting and professional career I would rely on textbooks, experience of top coaches, and any resource that would give me insight on how to be better myself or help those that worked with me. Even today, we don’t aim to make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises, we do look at what people really need and what we have been missing ourselves in decades worth of training. 

Doing things differently doesn’t usually come with open arms from your audience. Our situation was not different. People seemed to be okay with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises as long as they fit in line with what people already valued and thought was okay to use the Ultimate Sandbag for in training. 

Want to do some squats, rows, presses, even cleans, that’s cool. Venture off and challenge at the way we look at strength training overall and people would become very emotional and passionate about questioning our true intent with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises. 

sandbag exercises

I often tell people though that we don’t look to be different, we look for better! Who are we to change how fitness has always been done? Well, the reality is that fitness as most know it is not that old! If we just take the past 100 years and look how fitness changed about every 30 years, you would barely recognize it from just that time. My point is that fitness is constantly changing, in this case, let’s hope we are helping it evolve. 

That is not because we smarter, in fact, I want to slap myself upside the head thinking that I missed how obvious these solutions seem. The big change isn’t anything BUT thinking about how we actually move in life versus training to be great in the gym. 

Having your focus on how we move in life CAN make you excel in a lot of gym exercises, however, focusing on the gym doesn’t necessarily make you better in life. How could that be? Mostly because the concepts of functional training that we try to convey with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises train the nervous system as much as it does muscles. 

sandbag exercises
No one at the beach will ask you how buff your nervous system is, but it is the training of the CNS that allows you to lift more, move better, and be more coordinated. When we focus on isolated training or never add sophistication of movement to our training, we don’t get those additional benefits. 

Don’t get me wrong, you can still build muscle either way, but if I can get WAY more through more integrated DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises why wouldn’t I aim to make my training more efficient? 

Let’s look specifically at a few examples, two given by DVRT Master, Drew McConaha. What do the examples that Drew and Victor Reyes offer us about functional training that anyone could appreciate? 

-Strength is not just what we can lift, but resist as well. Most injuries don’t occur from our ability to produce enough force, but actually resist enough. This is where muscles like the core and many other stabilizers come into great play. So, the bigger muscles groups are simply not enough to make us resilient and strong. 

-We move in three planes of motion. One of the great things about our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises is the easy ability to move in different directions and patterns. Since the simplest of real world actions require us to move in all three planes of motion, it makes sense that our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises should progress in that direction as well. This also allows us to incorporate MORE muscles that take a break when things are more predictable and stable. 

-Stability, strength, and mobility are not independent functional training concepts, but should be carefully interwoven training ideas. When we just have one of these training needs we neglect the synergy that occurs when there is interplay amongst all three. 

Best of all are the super practical implications of thinking about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises in this manner. I mean the simple fact we can do SO much with so LITTLE equipment. We don’t need tons of space and we can adapt so easily to an individuals goals and needs. 

When we talk about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises evolving functional fitness we are truly talking about having our fitness truly meeting the needs of our every day movement and life. We can’t start with the gym and go outside, we have to start with the realization of how we move every day.

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