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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Stronger Glutes & Core

A building is only a strong as its foundation. The same can be said when we try to create a stronger, better conditioned, and more resilient body. I should know, I want all those same goals as everyone and constantly challenge our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises to deliver more!

sandbag exercises

We constantly ask how do we make Ultimate Sandbag exercises better, not just replicating what people are use to performing in the gym!

It would be way easier for me to go ahead with what everyone says. Just do “these” exercises and you get everything you want! You know those drills, squats, deadlifts, even get-ups. They seem to “magically” fix everything.

What most people need to know is that no one exercise or a few can solve everyone’s needs if we don’t understand how the body works. The exercises I just mentioned have Ultimate Sandbag exercises that match them so why not just go with it and say what everyone else does?

Mostly because our goal with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises isn’t to give you a new cool drill, or a distraction of some wild exercise. We use our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises to teach how the body moves so we get better results.

The motivation comes from seeing how we get people who felt like they couldn’t do things literally transform in seconds! Whether it is a physical therapist who thought they couldn’t go overhead because of “bad” shoulders to doing so for the first time, or a woman who hasn’t squatted in ten years, squat, is life changing!

sandbag exercises

There are few bigger highlights than seeing this woman squat for the first time in 10 years pain free! 

A great example is helping people understand why we spend so much time lunging. It would be one thing if it was an exercises that I naturally dominated so I wanted others to think it was valuable. However, after tearing up my right ankle in years of basketball and having some loss of use from my spinal problems, lunges don’t come easily to me.

However, I realize how strong they are to building that foundation. Lunging well requires us to learn to use the ground with your feet, have stability, strength, and mobility all at once, and learn to be reactive in our strength training. That is why so many of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises are about learning how to move correctly from this position. That is why research has shown time and time again some of the best training of the glutes and core is from these movements!

Using these Ultimate Sandbag foundations help establish good movement habits!

How we keep building layers is key to having success in our DVRT system. It also allows us to have variety with purpose!

Once we see how the connections of the body are made, we see that we can keep building real world strength through so many mediums of movement. If you saw these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises without knowing why, they would look like novel, almost, “circus” movements. When you watch the video look at the connections of how we build true functional strength.

Strength isn’t just about how we lift, but how we move with fluidity and confidence. Check out how we continue to change how people think about strength with our online DVRT education for 25% off with coupon code “strong” HERE