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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for the Most Important Fitness Journey

sandbag workouts

No fitness goal is a bad one. Whether it is dropping body fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger, more mobile, they are all great. They all improve one’s life in one form or another, but you should know in DVRT we are especially partial to one specific goal. That is helping people overcome injury and pain. While we are careful to say that Ultimate Sandbag exercises aren’t magic, they can greatly help people that are struggling with enjoying the quality of their life due to pain.

Whether it is my spinal disease that has caused numerous injuries, or Jessica going through her own struggles with completely torn shoulders and herniated discs. We know what pain does not just to your training, but who you are as a person. That is why we are so passionate about how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises can help others that are trying go come back to regain their health and who they are!

sandbag workouts

A great example has been strength coach, Joel Gunterman. We have known Joel for several years so when we heard he tore his achilles playing soccer we felt so bad for him. Not just from the pain perspective, but knowing that isn’t an easy injury to come back from. However, knowing Joel, we also know he is extremely determined and takes getting better as a wonderful personal challenge. So, you could imagine we were proud when he was willing to bring our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises into his rehab!

One of the hardest things to do when you are use to being so active is fight the desire to come right back. Especially when an injury like this really prohibits you from doing so! That is why you can read how Joel implemented DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises like these to build a combination of mobility and start connecting the chains of his body that were so impacted by the injury. Thinking of Ultimate Sandbag exercises that focus on bringing the stability of the lower body with the stability of the core is so key in not just recovering from this injury, but so many knee and low back issues as well!

As Joel continued to get healthier you can see how he stayed true to the same concepts we use in DVRT and these Ultimate Sandbag exercises just layer sophistication of strength over time. These may not look like your classic gym exercises because they aren’t! We are combining what we know about the science of movement and rehab to bring in strength training of the entire body. That is why Joel breaks down how he uses these Ultimate Sandbag exercises so well!


Joel’s inspiring progress sees him always thinking about the complexity of how his body moves, not trying to just isolate an area of his body. Seeing him go from someone who could barely walk to performing Ultimate Sandbag exercises like this is a true testament to what determination, focus, patience, and thoughtful training can achieve. Thinking differently about how we build a better body isn’t about being different, it IS about seeing better!

We are so proud of Joel and he represents the best of DVRT. If you are interested in the methods and progressions that really make a difference check out our DVRT online education. You can save 30% with coupon code “thanks” on any of these great courses HERE and help you achieve the most important fitness journey there is….feeling and performing your best!