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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for REAL Glute Power!

sandbag exercises

How To Use Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Real World Glute Power-DVRT Master, Troy Anderson (Alpha Kettlebell Program)

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I -I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.”-Robert Frost


I’ve had the opportunity to be around Ultimate Sandbag exercises and DVRT since the earliest of days.  The humble beginnings in a hot, sweaty, dusty, garage in Phoenix, AZ.  A place where creativity,  innovation, and problem solving were at the heart of the mission. 

sandbag exercises

Yes, this is the legendary garage where DVRT was founded! 

The undeniably American mission to B-U-I-L-D something.  Not just something but a legacy to make a difference.  A difference that would trickle from the mind of the educated to coach, into the life of the client, and forward into the lives of their brethren. 

What’s the difference, you ask?

The difference to keep people’s bodies S-T-R-O-N-G in spite of what they have endured. The difference to redefine strong not in some hokey, balancey way, that can only be done by a former gymnast, but in a way that blends, and layers like a brick mason building a structure, a body that is built to last. 

The difference.

The mission.

Is not to let people off the hook; but it also is NOT the the ram your head against the wall linear, chasing ‘numbers’ that will ultimately deteriorate the structure. Ultimate Sandbag exercises are made to make your body perform better, but also be resilient. 

Numbers don’t define you.

They don’t define me. 

They don’t define anyone.  

Our capacity

Our ability to work 

To do real, substantial, H-A-R-D   W-O-R-K

That’s the part of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises that I’m the most proud the degree to which it mimics real, hard meaningful work. Work like cutting, chopping and stacking firewood. Work like carrying bags of groceries or pet food.

sandbag exercises

Troy lives what he speaks about growing up and now helping on his family’s farm. He knows what Ultimate Sandbag exercises can build. 


Work like to lifting and walking with ill pets or children. Work like recovering from a major surgery. There is no other system that does as good a job mimicking or preparing one’s body for real work than DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

To that end the exercise variant that is central to today’s circuit comes directly from  my personal experiences in arguably the hardest working sport, Wrestling.

I morphed and named this exercise from a drill in wrestling where you are re-directing the force of an opponent. It’s called shucking, in this version of Ultimate Sandbag exercises, I have elevated shucking we move the dial in typical DVRT fashion, not by increasing load, but simply changing the acceleration and deceleration demands of the exercise.


So let’s put this together into 

a:  WORK Circuit


Complete 1-4 Rds of these Ultimate Sandbag exercises 


Up Down to Press x 40 sec per side

Rest: 40 sec

Shucking x 20 sec per side

Rest: 40 sec

Good Morning x 40 sec

Rest: 40 sec


This circuit can be done with a medium load Ultimate Sandbag ranging from the Power to the Strength Ultimate Sandbag depend on fitness level and load of Ultimate Sandbag.

These are drills that mimic real world strength problems I have both experience and observed here at FarmStrong and/or will prepare you for real world strength problems that you may encounter in your environment. 


If you are quite physical ready for the WORK Circuit be sure to  check the many different DVRT programs like Resiliency or Better  Backs and Knees, that will have you moving towards having a body that is built to last. 

sandbag exercises

The Anderson Armstrong gym is where results are made from being dedicated, focused, and yes, working hard!