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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises The Most Unique Fitness Program

sandbag workout

I’m fortunate to have some pretty incredible not only peers, but leaders in the industry that I can consider mentors/friends. One of those people is a name that you have heard here many times before, Alwyn Cosgrove. Not only does Alwyn and his wife Rachel run on of the most successful gyms in the country, but Alwyn has been a consultant to many great programs such as Nike. Not only that they have been a huge help in getting people to see our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises differently!

sandbag exercises

That’s why many years ago he and I had several game changing conversations. One of them was rather simple in nature. Alwyn asked me, “do you know what your problem is Josh?” Of course I couldn’t help but think of the laundry list of possibilities, but when I inquired what he was referring to, he replied, “that your Ultimate Sandbag exercises look too easy on video. You guys make them look so smooth they look like they aren’t work until you try them for yourself!”

That stimulated the drive for not only leading with our DVRT education but taking every opportunity we could to get in front of people to have them understand how our Ultimate Sandbag exercises are so unique. When people watch our videos on social media and they ask, “can I do that with this or that”, often the simple answer is no and even when it is possible there is no way it feels anything close to the same.

The fluidity, the instability, the shape, many reasons that the Ultimate Sandbag doesn’t feel like anything else. Especially when we get into Ultimate Sandbag exercises known as flows. You may think flows aren’t unique to our Ultimate Sandbag exercises and you are right. You can create a series of exercises that move one to another rather smoothly with many different implements. Heck, a barbell clean, squat to press is a very classic flow.

What makes our Ultimate Sandbag exercises different in flows is the angles, position, directions, and feel we can achieve because of the Ultimate Sandbag itself. Our flows allow us to tap into mobility, strength, endurance, coordination, stability, and control like very few other methods can.

The result is not only a very special way to train, but to get so much done in such a short amount of time. Our DVRT flows can be simple, they can be complex, but they are so powerful that even recently Men’s Health had DVRT certified coach, Samantha Ciaccia, demonstrate a flow inspired by our great Master Instructors at Envision Fitness.

The goal of a flow is not only to have strength, not only to have endurance, but to have the movement accuracy to make it look almost effortless. You learn so much about your body, where you are strong as well as where we could use some work. These types of Ultimate Sandbag exercises really begin to change what we think real world fitness is and how we achieve it. How strength training doesn’t have to be rigid or as stagnant as so many people make it out to be. Ultimate Sandbag exercises like the one’s we show below helps us not only become more fit, but feel and move better, isn’t THAT a novel concept.

Alwyn was right, you can only really get the impact of our Ultimate Sandbag exercises if you do them! We try to make it easier for you to do so by giving you 30% off ALL DVRT programs HERE including our DVRT Flow (HERE). See what we can build through fitness if we open our minds to how the body is really designed to work!