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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises the Toughest Workouts?

sandbag training

Ultimate Sandbag exercises aren’t like many of your standard gym exercises. It is hard to categorize Ultimate Sandbag exercises by muscle group and often even a specific region of the body. This is due to the fact that Ultimate Sandbag exercises usually require the whole body to be active and working the whole time! That is from a combination of the Ultimate Sandbag being so unpredictable and the movements being pretty unique. So, how in the world can you create your workouts if Ultimate Sandbag exercises don’t fit conventional wisdom.

In an earlier post we talked about thinking in terms of natural human patterns rather than body parts or even really segments. This goes a long way in using Ultimate Sandbag exercises to make workouts for your specific fitness goals. However, this isn’t to say that focusing on a region of the body is impossible or you can’t use some old training techniques to make some kick butt workouts.

 Thinking of Ultimate Sandbag exercises this way may be a bit odd an overwhelming at first. Don’t worry, the good part is it allows you some amazing versatility and different training options. Once you get the handle of thinking of your Ultimate Sandbag exercises in this manner you will only be held back by your imagination in creating some really fun and effective exercises.

Beyond Just Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

 Making fitness perfect for any goal or situation. The other reason was for all the cynics out there that think Ultimate Sandbag exercises are “cute” or good for a little change of pace, but nothing too serious. Oh trust me, I know some of them really well!

sandbag exercises

In fact, one such person is that blonde woman that keeps showing up in our training videos! When I met Jessica about four years ago she was working at some of the top physical therapy clinics in Arizona. Not only was she working, but she had training from some of the top therapists in the country! However, she was struggling with her own low back issues. When I heard her complain of her back pain so often I knew she would be a perfect candidate.

However, when I first even spoke to her about using Ultimate Sandbag exercises, she thought I was crazy. She had looked on the internet like many and saw some of the really advanced drills and thought I was trying to kill her. I ensured her though that Ultimate Sandbag exercises are all progressive. Not just in their weight or stability, but their complexity as well.

Now Jessica is not just a believer but one of our best educators of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises

Giving me the uncomfortable “ok”, the rest became history. When you watch today’s training video you will see Jessica performing Ultimate Sandbag exercises that she would have never dreamed would have been possible! Heck, she wasn’t even able to body weight squat without pain when I first met her! Now she is performing Ultimate Sandbag exercises like Rotational Lunge Snatches, just crazy!

My point is to keep things in perspective when it comes to using your Ultimate Sandbag exercises. Don’t underrate the Ultimate Sandbag exercises we are showing you, even if they may look too easy. Used in the structure we are showing, there is no exercise that any of us are really too good to use. The purpose of these Ultimate Sandbag exercises may change over time, but I doubt you will ever find yourself saying, “I’m too advanced for them!”

Today’s workout is no exception. It is one of the MOST intense Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts we have given. Yes, the Ultimate Sandbag exercises are hard, but the way we designed the program may be MUCH harder.