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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises to Save Your Low Back

Ah, it is that time of the month to have our infamous discussion about understanding movement better. Specifically how people completely misunderstand rotation. This is a big deal, not just because rotation is a bit part of our Ultimate Sandbag exercises, but because it is a HUGE part of human movement.

sandbag exercises

I know, I know, I’ve posted the image above a million times, but sometimes it takes a million and one for people to really understand! Human movements aren’t specific exercises and they aren’t as linear as most people would think that only live in the gym. We move in far more dynamic ways than most people ever think about when they go to do what they THINK is functional training.

Rotation is a big part of that because when people hurt their backs the reality is it is rarely because they picked up something SUPER heavy, it is because they moved badly picking up something rather light. We think that strength is the solution to everything, but the truth is everything actually begins by understanding to move well. So, where does rotation fit into this whole discussion and why do we focus so much upon it in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises?

sandbag exercises

I’ve shared this image a million times too, but the point is not to memorize a chart, but again, understand the body better! When we see that the hips and thoracic spine are responsible for mobility while the low is stability that changes how so many people SHOULD be performing rotation.

stronger knees

I bring this all up because the number of people that swear we are going to “break” people’s backs by teaching Ultimate Sandbag exercises with rotation don’t realize that we are actually doing the opposite. Teaching people how to use their core and glutes, NOT their low back, is the way we become real world strong and resilient.

DVRT Master, Steve Holiner, breaks down THE most important concept in our Ultimate Sandbag rotational exercises and All rotational exercise for that matter! It is ALL in the hips. 

This is important because when we look at many of the core muscles (remember this is MORE than just the abs) we see so many of them that are not running up and down, but at an angle. That is because we are rotational being and with proper progressions should include rotational training into our programs.

The key is HOW we use Ultimate Sandbag exercises to build just that, progression! Yes, you sometimes see some super cool Ultimate Sandbag exercises with rotation, but they are all built off of a foundation. That is the whole premise of our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system!

It is the foundations that allow us to create progression with building and building more sophisticated movements that help us improve how we perform not only in the gym, but life as well.

It is understanding these foundations of Ultimate Sandbag exercises that get us to the higher levels of training. Few people ever think of training as like the belt system of martial arts. You don’t go into a dojo thinking that you are going  do jumping roundhouse kicks your first day. No one saw a Bruce Lee movie and thought, “man he is really going to hurt himself!”

Of course most people realized that Bruce Lee spent a lot of time practicing his skills and building up through years worth of training. Sadly with fitness, especially now, we see something like some of our more advanced Ultimate Sandbag exercises and some go, “oooh I don’t know, that looks risky.” Did you know what went into building up the skills to perform those movements?

Even with the complexity of most of our Ultimate Sandbag exercises they rarely match the unpredictable and sophisticated nature of what we do in every day life. The point of this post isn’t to just a have a soapbox moment, but to help you realize what functional training really means and how we build it on a foundation of progression, not just exercises!

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