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Ultimate Sandbag Fitness for Firefighters, Police, and Military

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Over the fourth of July I got to spend some time with some pretty awesome people. A couple of people that I have become friends with have really strong ties to military units and experience. I love talking with these guys because I learn so much about the attitude, perceptions, and challenges they face.

This time I was also surprised when one of the gentlemen asked if there were a lot of companies trying to work with tactical athletes (that includes firefighters, police, and military). I told him that I think a lot of companies try and that’s great if ONE thing is behind it….trying to make them better and legitimately solve their problems.

sandbag fitness

I’m so proud that our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness programs have been able to help so many of our brave men and women! Some of our greatest honors have been working with all these different departments.

Why would I say such a thing? Well, many times tactical athletes get thrown into almost a worse situation than professional athletes. People look at the challenge of their jobs and think, “man, we gotta go SOOOO extreme and “hardcore” in their training”.

This is EXACTLY why I am writing this post today. Because we often forget whether you are a firefighter, work in corporate, or are a competitive athlete we first and foremost need to train people! Huh?

All good training and how we approach DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness programs is addressing the needs of how our bodies are designed to move and what our bodies are and are NOT doing well! Yes, this means understanding how our bodies function, hence why we believe DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness workouts represent true intent of functional training so well!

It is this reason that I love having worked with police, firefighter, and military over the past 12 years. Ultimately they look at the success of their fitness programs in very specific measures. Guess what their number one concern is? No, not how “bad ass” you look or how much you throw up during your workout, but how many injuries can you reduce!

sandbag fitness

That doesn’t sound all that different than probably how YOU can benefit from DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness either right?! Injury reduction may not sound “sexy” but let me put it in another way.

When you are hurt you can’t be strong, you can’t perform, you can’t do the things you want to do in life. For tactical athletes to those living the sport of life these are HUGE things! If you don’t think they are important either you won’t understand how to make people better!

This is a concept that Firefighter Captain, Jordan Ponder, has espoused SO many times to me. That his whole idea in using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness to teach firefighters to be “adaptive” is one his primary goals. In fact, it makes so much sense to anyone that wants to be as strong in life as they look in the gym!

sandbag fitness

How? It doesn’t have to be hard, simple things like Captain Ponder demonstrates below can be ways of taking an Ultimate Sandbag fitness concept and take it another level by being somewhat “unpredictable” making your body react and be strong in ways that you normally wouldn’t build in the gym.

First is to establish a good foundation and Captain Ponder shows a great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness move that connects the core, shoulders, and hips together to not make the core just stronger, but to give instant mobility to the hips and shoulders!

How do you progress these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness drills into more dynamic situations and get more “reactive”? Check out where Captain Ponder goes with the Press Out…

Ultimately we can provide “real world” situations to our strength and power training as Captain Ponder makes our lateral step high pulls more challenging by combining weight with the ability to react to a changing environment. THIS is what we mean by bringing “Strength to Life”. Best of all you don’t have to be a firefighter, police office, or in the military to benefit. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness is life training and we are all humans that want to be our best for the challenges life throws at us. THAT is functional training!