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Ultimate Sandbag & Kettlebell Combo Workout

What happens?

What happens when you combine different implements? 

From what I can tell it can quickly deteriorate into a cluster you know what! 

I think combining DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training with other strength tools is a great thing, however, most important is not to just throw them in a pot and hope something good happens. 

That is why I wanted to show you where we were going with the idea of 21-15-9. 

You saw the past two DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts (you can see the last one HERE) were really simple. Don’t mistake simple for not being effective. If you actually DID try the last two DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts, you will know what I mean. 

The idea of 21-15-9 gives us a way to work with complimentary exercises that do very different things. For the 21 repetition side you can use very flowing drills. The 15 series is a intermediate level where you can have flowing drills, but have a bit of a tension component as well. The 9 lets you focus on a more complex drill, or one with more tension. Due to the fatigue you built for the first two, your challenge will be holding technique while tired!

The Ultimate Sandbag Training & Kettlebell Combo Workout

So, how does this allow us to maximize using kettlebells and our Ultimate Sandbags? 

Some of the most popular kettlebell drills fit perfectly for the 21 range. Swings, snatches, cleans, all have that flowing side that fit better typically with more reps. The Ultimate Sandbag Rotational Lunge is ideal for that 15 rep scheme. More demanding as far as the amount of movement in the popular kettlebell lifts, but still a flowing drill, the Rotational Lunge seems perfect for those more intermediate reps. 

 Nine repetitions allows us some really great opportunities. In this workout I chose a burpee with push-up for not the reasons you might suspect! I don’t want you to just survive during the burpees. Instead, I want you to be focused on your hip mobility, preventing any caving to your trunk, and of course, some high quality push-ups. 

When you combine these elements together you have not just a pretty challenging workout, but a thoughtful training session that trains many qualities at once. We don’t overtrain any one pattern and expose your body to a TON of great movement. 

sandbag training

Never said these workouts would be easy!

I hope you have enjoyed this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training series on using a simple method like 21-15-9 for many different DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training variations. My goal is that knowing how to do such things eliminates any reason you can’t get in great shape! Short, focused, and purposefully varied workouts will give you the advantage of achieving great things even with a real life!

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