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Ultimate Sandbag & Kettlebell Total Body Workouts

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One of the biggest challenges with have in DVRT is that there is a lot of BAD examples of using our Ultimate Sandbag that we try to battle. As I’ve been saying for years, we don’t want you to just invest in an Ultimate Sandbag, we want you to use it with great purpose that provides you the result that you were looking to achieve. Many people think just abusing their bodies is the way to get more fit, but the reality is that can just lead to injury and/or general frustration. That is why we spend so much time on the why’s of our Ultimate Sandbag drills. In order to help you put it all together, we do want to highlight coaches that do a great job of showing how to use our DVRT system well and proper use of the Ultimate Sandbag.

Ultimate Sandbag

Blending The Ultimate Sandbag With Kettlebells

ultimate sandbag

I’ve never tried to be unreasonably dogmatic about the use of the Ultimate Sandbag. I haven’t come up with a crazy story on why the Ultimate Sandbag is going to be better than every and any strength training tool you could use. What we think is WAY better for you is helping you see how different training tools work together. While most just randomly throw tools together, what Coach Cari Satre shows is a very simple, but highly effective way to combine the Ultimate Sandbag with kettlebells.


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In the series above, Cari shows that movements like a single leg deadlift with one kettlebell is a great way to build reflexive strength and actually more difficult than using two kettlebells due to not being able to have balance from the other side. The Ultimate Sandbag lateral drag with push-up is a great way to combine two movement patterns of resisting rotation and pushing at the same time! The dragging of the Ultimate Sandbag is far superior to moving a kettlebell back and forth due to the dimension that gives more friction on the ground.

A single rack kettlebell lunge is a great way to both integrate the core more for better mobility and strength in the legs, but like the single leg deadlift, have strong elements of resisting forces too which builds greater injury resilience. Finally a rotational row to deadlift is another example of combining several movement patterns at once. We have a pull, rotation, and even a hip hinge what makes the Ultimate Sandbag a great tool for this movement is its ability to give feedback to the lifter. Most struggle learning such more complex movements and by pulling the handles apart we can help stabilize the trunk and learn to move more from the hips.

Above, Peretz Scheinerman, shows a different way of combining kettlebells and our Ultimate Sandbag. The double rack squat to rotational press could be done with either the Ultimate Sandbag or kettlebells, so why use kettlebells? Especially when introducing this movement, the use of two kettlebells accomplishes a few goals. For one, we have less upper body mobility demands because we only are moving one arm and not two like in an Ultimate Sandbag press. Also, the kettlebell in the rack position allows us to use some added feedback to the core to help pattern the movement.  The lateral step deadlift works really well with the Ultimate Sandbag with the use of the handles again giving us more feedback to both how to stabilize our core, but also we can use it to make sure we laterally shift enough as Coach Cari shows below.

ultimate sandbag deadlifts

The Front Loaded MAX lunge is a trick for many people. It is a lunge with RESISTED rotation, that is because we are creating tension against the Ultimate Sandbag and that tension combined with the Front Loaded position helps us stabilize the lumbar area while allowing movement in the thoracic spine. This is MUCH higher levels of strength training because of the coordination of mobility at one area and stability at another. Combined with a Half Kneeling Lift/Chop is a great compliment because we have a foundational lunge position (half kneeling), resisted rotation, but most importantly integrating the diagonal patterning that is so rooted in our movement.

You see that we can have a great challenge, train the whole body, use minimal space and equipment, and actually enjoy our training at the same time. Knowing more about your training doesn’t make it less enjoyable, but actually MORE fun! I hope these examples give you practical and great ways to both use great tools, but understand what makes tools that may seem similar like kettlebells and the Ultimate Sandbag uniquely different.

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ultimate sandbag core exercises