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Ultimate Sandbag Snatch Challenge Workout

I have been thinking about this one for a while. Earlier this year I was teaching a client the kettlebell Snatch. He was having a problem with what we call,  taming the arc. He could swing the bell up and over, each time it came down it hit him on the wrist. After a few tips and cues the bell was crashing down on his wrist.

Yes, the sound could be better, but we were at a conference so please turn up the volume to hear some great tips by Joe!


A few days later during my own personal training session it came to me. My workout that day was the following…

Battling Ropes

Ultimate Sandbag Lateral Drags

Performing Lateral Drags RIGHT changes how much they can help us improve our snatch of any sort!

Ultimate Sandbag Snatch

 Building a strong core is the foundation to building better power.

30:30 for 5 rounds

That was it, the Ultimate Sandbag Snatch!
Learning the fundamentals of the Ultimate Sandbag snatch not only improves the kettlebell snatch, but opens up a big world of movement strength training!

The next class I had the class get a Ultimate Sandbag Strength for the men and Power for the women. They also chose their snatch size kettlebell. I had the class warm up with the Ultimate Sandbag High Pull. Some already knew how to Ultimate Sandbag Snatch. When we moved on to the Ultimate Sandbag Snatch they had already set forth a foundation.

Once they got it Ultimate Sandbag Snatch, we moved to the kettlebell. I demonstrated the Ultimate Sandbag Snatch, then the Kettlebell snatch. Asked the Class, any difference other then the implement? Do they look similar? When they came back with a yes, I asked them to do a set of 3 right and 3 left.

The person who has banging himself to death a few days earlier didn’t bang his wrist once that class. It not only worked for him, but it improved the kettlebell Snatch technique but he became one of the better students in the class.

I showed this to a couple of DVRT Masters this strategy at the  Perform Better in Long Beach. It just made sense, it was easy to apply, most importantly, it worked!

To illustrate this concept, I tried a little test myself.

On a cold winter day, just a few days ago, training in my cold home gym…The Garage. It hit me just as the cold did. Why not try the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Snatch Challenge. I could do that.

After completing my training, which was basically a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag  technique day. A Technique day for me is, just to review a few techniques and not to beat myself down workout. Warm up with jump rope, Ultimate Sandbag Deadlifts and Front Loaded Good Morings. Next up technique using 80lb Burly Clean and Press, 5,3,1 rest as needed. Front Hold Squat, 5,3,1.

I decided to pull out a 60lb Ultimate Sandbag. Set a timer for 5 minutes. The goal for that session was to complete 50 reps in 5 minutes. Easy! I do countless kettlebell snatch tests. I can do this. My plan was to do 10 reps on top of the minute. I got this!

Timer set, press starts and go! 10 reps completed in about 28 seconds. The second and third rounds were about the same as the first. There 30 reps and still had plenty of time to rest. Then it hit me. I only had 28 seconds to rest. It took me longer. Before I knew it was time to go again, the fourth round was harder then I thought it was going to be. The fifth round was the toughest and not the best. The last 7 reps of were ugly. When I completed the final 10 reps, I walked around only for a few seconds before for I fell to me knees to catch my breath. That has not happened in a long time!

I have a few excuses why, but the only one that will use It was harder then I thought it would be.

Here is the Challenge

Men use a 60lb Ultimate Sandbag Strength. Ladies use a 30lb Ultimate Sandbag  Power.

ultimate sandbag exercises

Five minutes to complete 60 reps.

When I discussed this with Josh I brought up that it’s not about weight or the reps.

The goal is to complete the Ultimate Sandbag Snatch with good technique. It’s only for fun. You will learn more about your fitness and movement through this challenge than just trying to be tough. The journey definitely teaches you so much more than just the end result!

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Joe Chalakee DVRT Master Instructor RKC, Brazilian Jiu Jits Brown Belt for Ashland OR.