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Ultimate Sandbag Squat Solution

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It can make you crazier than almost anything else as a coach or someone just wanting to improve your fitness. You want to NAIL that squat! Before you are wanting to hit personal bests, or load it up, you want to have that squat beautifully cemented before anything else.

Why? I mean, can’t you get away with a little of this or that? You can, but then you start finding yourself with those achy knees and low backs. No, the solution isn’t throwing on some knee braces, or a weight belt. And no, you shouldn’t just expect more pain as you train or write it off as “aging”.

The key is using simple strategies to teach your body to perform the movement you really want. I think that is one of the things we pride ourselves most on with progressions and details that make a huge impact upon one’s performance. Just like Jessica shows in some of these squat keys and progressions.


Some may think that the Ultimate Sandbag Squat is just about adding another form of load to your body. However, when you are deliberate about how you hold the Ultimate Sandbag, your squat becomes very different!

Yes, most people think of squats as only a lower body exercise, that shows how most still aren’t thinking of functional training, but still more bodybuilding oriented. That is because your body works as one unit, not in individual parts. Learning to use more of your body during an exercise doesn’t just make you stronger, it makes you FEEL better when you perform them as well.

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As you can see above, training chains of muscles versus them as individuals makes your workouts so much more productive. That is why what looks super simple like this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag squat works so well. When you tap into the body’s natural systems it is amazing how fast the results can be!

In our world of DVRT, the Ultimate Sandbag Squat does so much. Yes, it strengthens your legs, but trains your core, improves your mobility, increases upper back strength, and connects the chains of the body. I think that is pretty cool and makes a profound difference in the “bang for your buck” power of these Ultimate Sandbag drills!