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Ultimate Sandbag Training Beyond the Gym

sandbag exercises

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has taught me so much in my fitness journey. I will admit I was not blessed with much when it came to athletic genes, but I was proud that the accomplishments I earned as a high school football player were because of the work I put in during the off season in the weight room. I remember our coach put a saying on the chalk board that read:

All athletes are created equal.
Some just work harder in the offseason.

And that was me! Every barbell back squat, every bench press, every EZ barbell bicep curl was going to help me a better athlete. And even though I could say that was true, I also would say that there could have been better ways to improve my athleticism if only the Ultimate Sandbag was created at the time ?

When I went off for college, I wasn’t able to impress the football coaches at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. However, I am able to look back on my time and realize that being a part of UW-L’s strength & conditioning program working with athletes in the strength center while earning an education in Exercise & Sport Science with an emphasis in Fitness and a concentration in Strength & Conditioning was a huge benefit for me.

In addition to earning a top-line university education, I was very fortunate to have a semester-long internship with the Chicago Bulls’ strength & conditioning (S&C) staff, under the guidance of legendary S&C coach Al Vermeil (and let’s not forget another great, Erik Helland), that gave me a better insight into the science and applications of methods that are tried and true and allowed me to experience coaching at a level I have never experienced!

After graduation I worked in various fitness facilities and was fortunate enough to privately train high school athletes on the side. But the thing that sticks in my mind were the adults coming into the gyms and “working out” to help them be better in the sports they liked to play recreationally. I was inspired that these “weekend warriors” were dedicating extra time to prepare their bodies, but of course, if I only knew then what I know now!

So, what’s the problem?

The “traditional” gym exercises you and I are used to doing don’t train the body as it should be trained – especially for a competitive athlete! When we enter into the gym we are so much more focused on training body parts and not the whole (think about doing chest day, leg day, arm day, etc). And, as experience has taught me, most of these popular exercises work only in one plane of motion and don’t require resisting forces from other planes.

And that is why I created this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training program!

We need better solutions for training the human body, giveng more purpose than just lifting more weight and becoming gym strong. Challenging the body in different planes of motion under load and expecting quality movement at the same time has more transfer outside the four walls of your training space and allows you the ability to be a better mover & shaker in and out of your sports arena!

It isn’t going to be fair for everyone else (especially your competitors) how much more in the know you are going to be about DVRT and implementing the Ultimate Sandbag Training into your programming … your little “secret!”

The movement gains you will receive – not just muscle gains – from this program will help you move better in any sport you choose. Muscle gains by themselves are great if you’re all about the show, but movement gains, training not only muscles but ligaments & tendons and other tissues will prepare you better for the go (and you will still benefit from the show, as well)!


I had so much fun creating a program for the weekend warrior because of my experience with sports & athletes. And I hope you will enjoy this program I created and have actual fun going through the sessions and refining your movement skills. I’m sure if I could have included the Ultimate Sandbag Training in my training back in high school using the DVRT principles, I could have probably been throwing better blocks than these.

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