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Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press Matrix

sandbag training

Two weeks ago I was fortunate to be a speaker at one of the biggest conferences in our industry. The excitement I get from sharing our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training program with other professionals is possibly the biggest thrill. However, I also love the challenges that many fitness pros pose to me about Ultimate Sandbag Training. I know it may be hard to believe 13 years later, but our DVRT program is still new to some and because of the nature of fitness it is easy to be more than a bit cynical.

The Toughest Question About Ultimate Sandbag Training

In fact, one gentleman asked me something I know a lot of people wonder about Ultimate Sandbag Training, “what can I do with Ultimate Sandbag Training that I can’t do with something else?” I loved it! I mean it takes some guts to ask people the hard questions and to me anyone who asks a question is at least taking time to try to educate themselves on a subject matter.

sandbag training

Those of you that have followed our Ultimate Sandbag Training for some time know that the last thing I want to ever do is just to do things just to be like something else. Of course there are exercises that may seem similar such as Clean and Presses, Rows, Front Loaded Squats, etc., that may look very similar to the barbell or equipment. However, each of these Ultimate Sandbag Training are unique for many reasons that most people miss. Instead of addressing all the reasons why though I wanted to address one of the most unique and undervalued aspects of Ultimate Sandbag Training, the other planes!


Yes, I have talked about multi-planar training before in our Ultimate Sandbag Training system, but I am time and time again shocked how many people never do anything with these ideas! I see people maybe putting in a token exercise in a different plane to maybe make themselves feel as though they are getting the benefits of working in different planes, but never seriously commit time or effort to this concept.

That is often due to the fact that most fitness tools either do not work well in other planes of motion, or don’t allow people to apply much load to them making it feel like just another “cardio” drill. The truth of the matter is that if you learn the value of these movements you open up a whole world of really expanding your fitness level and avoiding plateaus. Such concepts in Ultimate Sandbag Training also allow you to get more out of having less equipment, good deal right?!

One of the Best Ultimate Sandbag Training Exercises

Let’s look at a practical example with Ultimate Sandbag Training. One of the most popular and effective exercises in general is the Clean and Press. Works so many muscles from head to toe that it is obvious why so many people think it is an amazing exercise. However, most people get stuck with making progress in this exercise relatively quickly. Most will focus on just trying to do more repetitions, or more weight. This would make a lot of sense, but ultimately they are missing out on a whole different way of plateau busting.

Why do people stop making progress in the Clean and Press? One is they don’t know how to really effectively to connect their hips and core together. Core stability is not just about being strong, but how to integrate effectively. Working in some our unique Ultimate Sandbag Training planes of motion will go a long way in helping people learn how much strength they lose by not synergistically using these areas.

Another reason is that people have not trained the smaller stabilizers of the body that help give their big muscles a better platform to perform. Maybe most of all, performing these Ultimate Sandbag Training drills teaches people to use their hamstrings and glutes rather than the all too common low back and quads. If you have a tendency to have bad form or compensation, these alternative Ultimate Sandbag Training drills will go a long way to helping identify and solving them!

So, two questions have to be asked. First, “what if I don’t care about the Clean and Press, how does this help my fitness goals?” We have seen it time and time again in our training facility that using these other Ultimate Sandbag Training patterns yield as good, if not BETTER heart rate and caloric outputs than the same type of exercise in the same plane with more weight! So, you can get just as intense workout while making the body more resilient.

The second question probably is, “well, can’t I do that with other tools?” Because of the design of Ultimate Sandbags, they move and flow really well into the other planes where  most other fitness tools are clumsy and awkward. You will find that these Ultimate Sandbag Training drills still stay true to the original concept of the Clean and Press but open up so many more unique benefits. Try putting them together in what we call our Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press Matrix. This makes for a tremendous workout in a short amount of time. Whether you are trying to fit something into a busy day or looking for an alternative, you will LOVE these drills!

***NOTE: If you are using the Power Ultimate Sandbag you will want to use the outside handles for these drills. Make sure in Ultimate Sandbag Training that you use the different Ultimate Sandbags correctly.

Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press Matrix is a post from: Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness System by Josh Henkin