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Ultimate Sandbag Training Delivers Unparalleled Fitness Results

sandbag workout

Ian Vaughn, DVRT Master (Creator DVRT For Real World Strength & Muscle and DVRT for Obstacle Course Racing)

With 2018 now upon us, I wanted share success story with one of my students to help motivate your fitness goals for the year and show you they’re completely possible with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. April is a great representation of this because she stayed consistent training with me to build strong muscle and staying accountable with her nutrition to show it. Like many, a lot of her time is taken up with college, studying, and working full time. Yet, she still made time to meet up with me four times a week to stay fit and healthy for life’s daily grinds and hobbies (like hiking and going to beaches with her friends). Her progress has been a great coaching experience to be apart of: being the enthusiastic, funny, and humble personality she has. So I wanted to give April her take on what DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has has done for her:

sandbag training

How has DVRT made a difference in your transformation?

One of the biggest differences with Ultimate Sandbag Training is I’ve noticed is I’m more aware of where my body is. I’m not so focused on what should look like, I’m more focused on how I should move. Once my focused changed, so did my motivation. I was now looking forward to my workouts versus dreading them because most women like myself think “I have to meet these expectations” or “I have to look a certain way” based from social media and workout videos that never focused on how to move correctly. DVRT Ultimate Sandbags brought the exact opposite with a new view on fitness by showing me how to get stronger by moving better first.

sandbag training

You love kettlebells. How do you feel Ultimate Sandbag training has made it better?

When I had back injury a couple months ago and had to stay away from kettlebells during that time. You were coaching me with the Ultimate Sandbag Training and I realized how much I was compensating with my low back during my hip hinge and squat pattern. While I was engaging my lats and squeezing my glutes with kettlebell swings – we found out I was constantly rib flaring and it was causing me to lose a lot my core engagement to protect my back. I was able to engage my core more with the proper muscles with movements like the USB dead bug to keep my ribs hidden down. So after a couple of weeks, I felt more aware of my postural alignment. So when I went back to kettlebells it felt smoother and stronger.

sandbag training

You’re a aspiring psychical therapist in school. How has this experience affected the way you view how the body moves in this field?

Yes it has. Psychical therapy is about engaging the core and focusing on getting the right feedback from the right muscles to strengthen them. We teach patients all this, but you just can’t say “use your core” and expect someone who’s lost certain functions of the body due to injury or a condition. With DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training there’s more emphasis on what we teach by simply “pulling the handles apart” for example to engage the lats..which leads to more core and glute connection.

But if someone who likes to be active, I still feel like DVRT not only gives correct form, but you actually feel like you’re still putting in the work with your body with less reps. You would think a simple movement like a bird dog or dead bug variation wouldn’t be that difficult, but add in a Ultimate Sandbag…you really feel every muscle working the way it needs too. So when I go into the PT field, I think of everything I do – and when I’m teaching someone how to use a certain muscle…it helps me explain it a lot better.

What advice would you give someone looking to make a commitment toward being fit?

My biggest piece of advice is to find a program you really like. Something that you enjoy, a workout should not seem like a workout. It should be about an activity you’re enjoying and start off with that. Don’t look at some social media outlet on what you need to look like – just think about how you need to move. How you want to move without pain: like lifting a box, or hiking a mountain and get there without feeling winded. So that should be the first goal, then everything comes into play after. The way you look will improve as result of you doing a workout you enjoy and still challenging yourself.

sandbag training

For those of you who’d like to see April in action with a workout, check out this USB 3-D Glute Workout we put together to better explain the benefits of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. For more workouts like this, be sure check out my latest program DVRT for Real World Strength & Muscle:


USB 3-D Glute Workout:
– MAX Hip Bridge: 3-5 REPS / 3 SETS
– Dead Bug with Reach: 5-8 REPS / 3 SETS
– Suitcase MAX Lunge: 5 REPS each side / 3 SETS
– Rotational Deadlift to Clean & Press: 5 REPS each side / 3 SETS

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