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Does Ultimate Sandbag Training Even Matter?

sandbag exercises

When I began DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training I made a vow to myself that as much as I could possibly avoid it, I would. That was ever giving the impression to people that we were trying to force DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training on them.

This was even a strong point of discussion during our DVRT Master Trainer Summits. I always wanted people speaking from the hearts and not feeling like they were salespeople. Ironically, what I didn’t realize in having good intentions is that it could backfire a bit.

Instead of putting people at ease and hoping they would open their eyes to thinking about training differently, I think the message that I mistakenly sent was that the Ultimate Sandbag wasn’t important to what we were actually doing.

sandbag training

Trust me, as I’ve told the story in the past, when I designed the Ultimate Sandbag first in 2005, it wasn’t as though people were beating down my door asking, “HEY, where do I get a sandbag for working out??!” In fact, the initial reaction was much more of a roll than the eyes than excitement.

It was only because personally experiencing what a great tool with a strong purpose could accomplish, that I felt inspired to push through when many people said not to even both. Heck, I went to a fitness mastermind in fact, where the gentleman leading the event looked at me funny, telling me this could never work. Almost 13 years later, I think it is working.

Not because of what “sandbag training” by itself can do. After all, you can give me some of the nicest tools in a hardware store to build a bookshelf and because I am a lousy craftsman, it will probably still be a BIG mess!

However, when you combine a great tool with great purpose, THEN we are into some exciting ideas! That is why I have tried to do a better job of actually explaining WHY the Ultimate Sandbag is such an important tool in teaching the body how to develop strength, build better endurance, and help your body recovery from many injuries we all suffer from.

What makes me really proud is when our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Master instructors can almost show and say it better than I can. Cory Cripe of Fitness Lying Down, does an awesome job explaining why Ultimate Sandbag Training is so important in fixing so many of the movement and strength issues we see in people ALL the time. Check it out!

Don’t miss our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training live events either where we empower you with the knowledge to truly revolutionize fitness HERE. As renowned fitness, Alwyn Cosgrove, just said, “Thank YOU for bringing the DVRT system not only to us, but to our profession!”