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Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness Challenge

In our last post I went a little bit some place different. I had two of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training master instructors share their ideas about training for adventure races. Why? Well, for one, they are becoming increasingly more popular and we want to show how to optimize Ultimate Sandbag Training for any goal. The second was probably not as obvious. Even though I love our DVRT , having SOMETHING to train for outside of just the mirror is really important.

I am not saying that training to look better isn’t a good goal, heck, it is the reason that probably most of us started working out in the first place! Let’s face it though, it can be absolutely maddening waking-up and looking at that mirror every day and trying to decide if you are any closer to your goal. Yea, I can laugh about it as well, you would be amazed how many of fitness professionals are judged not on their knowledge, but how they look!

That is where I think we have more fun and motivation with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. I have heard the saying “train for performance, not looks”, for some time, however, it is hard for people. Honestly, what performance goal do you really care about and even more importantly, it can be in conflict with your other goals of being more athletic and leaner. So, good idea, but how in the world can we actually use it?

I think the most mainstream “performance” challenge came from Mark Twight who is famous for training the actors in the movie “300”. The “300 Workout” as it would become known wasn’t really a workout program, rather a challenge Coach Twight would create for the actors. It was diverse, challenging, and really got people excited about training!

Now, I am not going to say we are going to take the “300 Workout” idea and just make our Ultimate Sandbag Training version of it (although, Ultimate Sandbag Training does make for a pretty sick “300 Workout). Rather, we can teach principles of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system with these different workout challenges.

Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness Challenge

Today’s training video from DVRT Instructor, Rich Mejias (owner of Leverage Training Center in Wyckoff, NJ), covers how to make and Ultimate Sandbag challenge workout in a very different way!

Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness ChallengeMost fitness challenge workouts require you to race from on exercise to another, but that is not the ONLY way to get an incredible fitness challenge! In fact, one of the key concepts in our DVRT  is changing the speed of movements. Again, a lot of programs are built on fast speeds, but to be honest, slow speeds can make some of the toughest and strongest very humbled.

Changing speeds in your Ultimate Sandbag Training also ensures two major goals are achieved. The first being that you are less likely to become injured. High speeds also mean high forces. While there is a time and place for such training, starting with this idea as the main part of your Ultimate Sandbag Training is asking for problems.

The other benefit that is a bit more fun, you actually use the RIGHT muscles! When you race through an exercise, Ultimate Sandbag workouts  or otherwise, you can often just compensate using your most dominate muscles and sometimes those that you really need to strengthen get bypassed! You should be amazed when you follow Rich’s Ultimate Sandbag Training challenge how hard moving slow really is and how much more you can feel the right muscles working.

Part of our Ultimate Sandbag Training challenge is to also make your own! We will extend the competition till Monday, but we want to see how you can use the concepts of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and your creativity to make a wonderful fitness challenge. So, from now till Monday, film your Ultimate Sandbag Training challenge and put it up on youtube. Send us your link at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com/dev /* */ and our staff will judge a winner! The winner will have to show great purpose and creativity to their Ultimate Sandbag Training challenge. Oh, one more thing, make sure to title it Ultimate Sandbag Training Challenge!

Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness ChallengeThe winner will get a FREE Ultimate Sandbag Training package of YOUR choice. A pretty good deal and hopefully a fun way to go about your training.

Don’t forget to give Rich Mejias’ Ultimate Sandbag Training challenge as well as look for his upcoming DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workshops at Leverage Training Center coming soon!