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Ultimate Sandbag Training for Dynamic Warm-ups

sandbag training

Greg Perlaki, DVRT UK Master (Creator of DVRT Dynamic Warm-up Program)

One of the things that make me love DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that it is so flexible. What I mean is that you can use it for some many different purposes. As Josh has long said, “you don’t have to do every exercise, you have to do the RIGHT exercise.” For a lot of people that sounds confusing because they have a bunch fo exercises, methods, and tools available to themselves, but they don’t really see how they fit together. What DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training does is not only give us great movements and training, but it provides us a thought process that helps us determine what the RIGHT exercise means for each person.
The power of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is that even our warm-ups can be used with different intentions depending on individual needs, goals and fitness levels. What is a warm-up for an advanced person, it might be foundation for another. Starting form the ground up and activate is our ultimate goal before every session. This concept doesn’t change even as we’re more advanced. It’s more likely that we’re doing the same warm-up but higher on the ladder of progression in the DVRT system. A good practical example to this is a semi private session when 3-4 people doing the same exercise with the appropriate variations. Have a look at how Cam Ward from Ultimate Sandbag Australia coaches the Up Down with 3 different levels of people.
Knowing that we can always come back to these foundations is what makes the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag system so powerful. However DVRT does not equal Ultimate Sandbags predominantly. I am fortunate that I have witnessed the evolution of the system in the last 8 years and all of the different tools (Minibands, Core Strap, Ares Sled, Core sliders even Kettlebells and Suspension Trainers) that we use have a place in the system and they’re there for a reason to enhance movement and give more sophisticated solutions. Most of the times these other fitness tools don’t make things more complicated rather they give better feedback to the user. If I can coach someone better using these extra tools or maybe get them out of pain quicker then I’m definitely going to use them.
When I designed Dynamic Core Warm-Ups I wanted to make sure that anyone can do these exercises and they can be plugged in before every DVRT workout and/or can be used on their own. If someone asks me ‘Where do I start with DVRT’ then my answer is these foundational movements that consist the Dynamic Core Warm Ups. It’s not a sales pitch rather I have tested the very same exercises over the last few years with real people with different circumstances. One thing that I’m really proud of is the feedback I receive from regular people who have never done DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training before and thought that they need to live with pain forever. Often times these people try many different things before so they’re still hesitant when they’re coming to see me. One of these people is David whom we started to work together in January 2018 and he has come a long way. However the first couple of months all we did was the exact same foundational movements I’m sharing with you today.
Have a look at his testimony after completing 6 months of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training:
“Before training with  yourself, I had been trying to recover from a slipped disc in my lower back, between L3 and L4, the disc had apparently, also splintered. I was offered surgery, but declined, because I was told that in time,  nature would heal itself.
 I suffered with sciatica and femoral nerve  issues down to my foot , and lost any muscle tone in my right leg. I worked with 5 physiotherapists and an osteopath. Whilst I improved to the point I could begin to exercise again, still felt very weak, nervous and vulnerable .
I began working with you, and feel the improvements have been amazing. 
The exercises are so different to anything I’ve ever done before, but can now appreciate how the  “system”  works to strengthen the way the body actually works !”
The Dynamic Core Warm Ups program has been designed to get you ready in minutes however it could be your foundational program to recover or to get started with DVRT even if you’re pain free. Others might going to use it for their rest days too especially the ‘Warm Up Flows’ part of the program. Either way I hope this opens up a new world of movement and exercise the same way when I started my DVRT journey in 2010. Enjoy 😉
sandbag training
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