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Ultimate Sandbag Training for Stronger Core and Better Shoulders

What I love most is when people can be strong enough to do and be different. While it sounds cool to lead and be an individual, the reality is that it can be pretty tough to go against what is popular. However, that is what Chad Skrederstu and his wife, Ana, have done at their facility in Pasadena, California, 168 Fitness. One of the biggest things they have done is have faith that our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training could deliver enough power and results that their gym could be so different!

How do I mean?

Where most even private facilities are jamming more and more “stuff” into their place to make up for being smaller. Chad and Ana are big believers in simply delivering results and using the best means into do so. That means you actually don’t see squat racks, bumper plates, etc. Instead you will see kettlebells, suspension units, Valslides, medicine balls, some bands, and yes, a BUNCH of Ultimate Sandbags.

What is the biggest compliment to us, is that great coaches like Chad and Ana don’t just use our Ultimate Sandbag Training, but they believe so much in the DVRT system they use the concepts no matter what tool they use!

sandbag training

The results they are able to get at 168 fitness are one thing, the empowerment of people is something else totally awesome!



Because they understand that the quality of a gym, a coach, a workout program isn’t based on “looking cool”, but rather getting really awesome results. The fact they can quickly customize even groups with simple concepts and strategies gives them the power to help more people.

Isn’t THAT what fitness should be all about?

sandbag training

It wasn’t always so easy though. I remember almost five years ago while we were both at a conference, Chad come up to me. He said, “Josh, I’ve been watching you do DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training for a few years and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.” I was curious, “around what?” Chad went on to explain to me that helping people move, feel, and perform better was as easy as it looked.

Like many, he only become a believer when he decided to try it and told me, “it IS that easy!”

I don’t want to make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to sound “magical” because it isn’t. The principles are based upon good movement principles, science, and experience working with SO many different people over the past 20 years.

What IS magical is the results that people end up seeing and achieving. That isn’t really magic though, it is about hard work and dedication to a goal. We are fortunate at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to have great coaches like Chad and Ana in our DVRT family and to show their expertise check out this DVRT video.

Here, Chad breaks down how and why our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Around the Worlds are so powerful in better core strength and fixing shoulders.

Find out more how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training will revolutionize your fitness! Check it out HERE