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Ultimate Sandbag Training Fundraiser

Ultimate Sandbag Training Fundraiser and Sale

Save 20% and a part of the profits will go to the Casiatic Animal Shelter. Use coupon code “dos” and help Ultimate Sandbag Training make a difference!

Ultimate Sandbag TrainingI can honestly say I never really cared.

Maybe it is natural cynicism, but I never considered who the company was that I was buying from. After all, aren’t they all the same?

I always felt as though I didn’t actually like most of the companies I bought stuff from, but heck, I had to get what I needed. Especially in this day and age of the internet where you don’t even see the faces of the people that run the business, you can feel very disconnect and jaded.

That all changed when I started running my own business. C’mon everyone should want to work with me because I care, I wanted to see people change their lives, I was going to do right by people.

It hit me though, I knew me, but the people I was trying to help really didn’t.

I knew I had good intentions, but why would the people I was trying to communicate with feel any less cynicism than I did as a consumer?

For awhile I knew the answer, but always got stuck in the day to day needs of owning your own business. Then when we expanded to really focus upon DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, things got even crazier!

I pushed back what I knew so many smart business people had told me, start at the foundation. It is funny, because if anyone asked me how to get fit, I would tell them the same, start with a good foundation. However, because business wasn’t my first love or passion, I did what so many do with fitness, I put it off.

The foundation of a good company is about knowing what you are about, not just you, but everyone involved including your customers. After almost a decade of putting this off, I decided to make it a priority. Why?

Sharing with people your core values will likely not raise your business numbers, sales, or marketing. It is so important though. People think of us a sandbag company, we are not. We are a rather small group of health professionals that want to help people transform their lives without the obstacles so many face in improving their fitness and health.

Writing down our core values does nothing else, but let you know who we are. If I can change the idea that we are selling

Ultimate Sandbag Training

Part 1 of the Ultimate Sandbag Training Core Concepts

you sandbags, it is well worth it. What are we truly about? I have started a series of 12 core values that let you know that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is so much more and how we plan on helping you claim the life you deserve.

Maybe you saw the first one on the left earlier this week. Those comments are easy to write, but constantly push our staff to live up to and be accountable in achieving.

Being a positive role model isn’t easy. Like any business and industry, there are a lot of shady people and dealings. It would be easy to get caught up in what’s easy and making a “quick buck”, but we aren’t about that, it goes against our number one core value.

I am sharing with you our second series of core values as well. These are no easier to achieve and no less important to us than the first series. Thankfully it allows us to build our team, a team devoted for no other cause than to make sure we keep inspired and focused on delivering our message to as many people as possible.

Ultimate SandbagThat is why today we are working with Strength Coach, Robert Dos Remedios (Coach Dos), to accomplish another goal. We are in a position to help take care of our communities and Coach Dos is helping make that happen.

In the past, we have run fundraisers for all sorts of great causes; single mothers with cancer, wounded warrior programs, and giveaways to under privileged programs.

Coach Dos is working with us to again, run another program that is dear to our heart, raising money for the Casiac Animal Shelter. For the past four years, Coach Dos has hosted a pub crawl in Long Beach, California to raise money for this great program. We have been fortunate to be a sponsor for the last few years.

This year we wanted to do something different. From now till Aug. 7th (the date of the Coach Dos pub crawl), we will be offering a special sale of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbags. A percentage of the profit of every sale will go to the Casiac Animal Shelter. With three rescue dogs of our own, we love this opportunity to give back.

ultimate sandbagWe are also adding in a few other special gifts! The first 100 US orders of any DVRT Ultimate Sandbag package will also receive a copy of our best-selling book we co-wrote with some outstanding fitness professionals, for FREE! Lastly, the first 100 orders anywhere, of a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training package will come with our new DVRT wrist bands. A simple gift that lets you know you are part of a community of people that are not just a faceless company, but a group of people that want to change a lot of lives for the better.

I hope you will take advantage of this sale and help us give back. Use coupon code “dos” from now till Aug. 7th and you will help us accomplish another of our strong core values! Everyone of us at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training thank you!

CLICK HERE to start saving and help us make a difference!

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