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Ultimate Sandbag Training & Kettlebell Cleans the Most Functional Exercise

sandbag exercises

Debating how “functional” an exercise is can be a tough job and often times an exercise in itself in futility. Yet, I am amazed how many times people overlook the simplicity of a movement in claiming it transfer to the real world, especially when we have great tools in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and kettlebells alike.

Yes, I am referring to how often people claim deadlifts are so functional, but miss the BIGGER picture. Are deadlifts a functional exercise? Sure, but when you compare them to the scope of how we function in life you might see them differently.

This is especially when you consider how the role of power training plays in the quality of our lives and performance in sport. So much of what we do in every day life without thinking about it comes from more of a power and deceleration perspective than it does just heavy lifting.

When you look at walking, stepping up and down from stairs on curbs, changing direction without even thinking about it, or simple actions like putting your suitcase from the ground to the bin overhead, or even lifting a box in your garage from the ground to a shelf.

These are all examples of power and not just in an up and down manner, but in different directions. In order to illustrate how much real power plays in our every day life I love playing this robot video I found online. Oh Jessica hates this video, but I think it demonstrates how complex our movements in every day life really are!

You see how robotic moves make us look so inefficient and flat out weird right? That is why when we add layers of Ultimate Sandbag Training and kettlebells we are trying to build strength, power, and many of the common fitness qualities, but we are also doing something else, we are trying to build movement efficiency.

Yea, that isn’t a topic you hear a lot of people talk about in fitness. Usually we get tied down to reps, sets, loads, etc, and miss the true purpose of what we are trying to develop. With kettlebells and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, with the right purpose behind us, we can actually target movement efficiency by teaching our bodies to work what looks almost seamless in patterns that most fitness programs never even approach.

This isn’t done just to give you a “cool” new exercise (after all, we are trying to avoid things like the picture below), but to help you understand what we mean by building functional training with tools like DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and kettlebells.

We should have our movements look fluid, efficient, and we should be able to do so in all sorts of directions and angles. You can tell people life doesn’t happen just up and down, yet, when it comes to their fitness that is what they spend the most time doing or don’t have a plan of how to get outside of the standard up and down motions.

That is why we give you training videos like today. You don’t need to use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and kettlebells because they are novel or to “shock” your training. You should want to employ them because they make your training better and allow you to build meaningful progressions. It is the little things you can do in changing body position, loading the body, and plane of motion you train in to not just to teach your body to be powerful in what it can lift, but what it can resist as well.

This is why we have been talking largely about kettlebell cleans all week, but in reality, our Ultimate Sandbag Training cleans requires the same focus and attention to details. When you watch this video don’t get caught up in new exercises, but how we are layering smarter progressions!

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