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Ultimate Sandbag Training Outdoor Workout

DVRT Master, Annmarie Licatese, (FitFoodieMama)

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Like most parents, I am counting down the days until school starts back up in the fall.  I crave routine and the little bit of time that I get to spend alone.  I use that time to decompress, sip my coffee slowly while it’s still hot and workout at my leisure.  

That being said, just because it’s summer and the kids are running amok, I haven’t let fitness fall by the wayside.  In fact, instead of using it as an excuse, I use it as an opportunity to find new and fun ways to fit it in. 

My kids, just like any other kids, get so bored playing with all their shiny new toys that they just had to have (insert eye roll) which means finding other ways to entertain them during the long summer days.  I happen to live on a busy road so letting them wander isn’t as much as an option as I’d like which means that a park is the next best thing.  

Thankfully, there is a new park just down the road from me that is all but abandoned most days making it the perfect place for the kids to play while I use it as an opportunity to get my sweat on. 

Of course the workout can’t take forever and I need to be able to keep my eyes on the kiddos so the workout itself needs to be short and sweet all while getting the biggest bang for my buck.  


Using the park bench that is already there is a great way to make this happen in 20 minutes or less incorporating the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system and exercises that work the body from head to toe. 

Front Loaded Fist Step Ups– Clean the Ultimate Sandbag into the Front Loaded Fist position.  Step one foot onto the bench and step up, squeezing your glutes at the top bringing the leg to balance.  Slowly step back down making sure to maintain control the entire time with both your step and position of the bag.  

Bulgarian Split Squat to Arc Press- Clean the Ultimate Sandbag up into the shoulder position.  Stand lunge length in front of the bench and place one foot on top, grab hold of the sandbag and in a thruster-like motion arc press to the opposing side while squatting back down at the same time. 

Row to Clean to Lateral Step Up– Start in the deadlift position with the Ultimate Sandbag.  Row and then clean the bag up into the front loaded position.  Laterally step up onto the bench to balance.

I recommend using a Power Ultimate Sandbag loaded at 25-30 lbs. 

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I’ve said it time and time again but this it the beauty of Ultimate Sandbag Training.  Not only is it portable but it is also versatile. 

Performing moves like these are a great way to get a quick yet super effective workout done in very little time.  Bonus if you happen to be a runner as these exercises are the perfect way to work on building strength, improve running performance and help you tackle even the hilliest of courses.  

How’s that for mulitasking?! 😉

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