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Ultimate Sandbag Training for Real World Fitness

sandbag exercise equipment

My mantra for our team is “making complex ideas simple to use”. It is so important as knowing what to do to actually achieve your fitness results can be sooooo overwhelming. In fact, I often tell people that I am glad to be old in this industry. It isn’t just being around for 20 years, but having tried so many different methods, tools, and programs that has given me a better filter.

More than anything though, is that I have always actually enjoyed reading the books that so many find boring. Yes, those textbooks or research studies that aren’t worried about promoting anything but giving us better insights to how our bodies work.

I don’t blame people for not being so enthused to read such texts and papers. To be perfectly honest, there are plenty of times I am left rubbing my head a bit. That is why I think it is the mission of our program and these blog posts to make that information really accessible and fun to use.

That is why when people say that functional training is just a buzzword, I get kinda upset. Functional training isn’t just real training like we move in real life, but understanding how we move in life and how that impacts how we should be training.

An important example is why in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we discuss so much about using the different planes of motion. In just about everything in real life and sport we use all three planes of motion. Yet, when it comes to training in the gym 99% of what people do is up and down only. I often joke that the token “other plane” exercise for people is the lateral lunge.

sandbag training

However, using different planes of motions isn’t something that you just randomly assign. Think of using the various planes of motion as changing weight on an exercise. That is why in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training should be as thoughtful and progressive as any other training method.

Sure, there will be those that say it doesn’t matter. They will espouse that just “getting strong” (whatever that actually means) magically transfers to everything else. Yet, study after study shows this not to be true. A simple example is the work done on various body positions doing the same movement by renowned researcher, Dr. Stuart McGill.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a Master’s degree to understand the information below. All I want to show you is how changing body position changes how the muscles are used differently even on the same movement. This completely debunks the idea that “just getting strong” would carry over to everything. Even better, it shows why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training places such emphasis on concepts like changing body, holding position, and planes of motion (direction of movement).

One of the easiest ways to start using this idea to your training is simply to start introducing lateral movement training to your workouts. We spend a lot of time teaching these concepts in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Level 2 certifications but let’s break down some great ways you can start introducing it to your training NOW!

Sometimes people don’t like changing plane of motion because it is such a new and intense stress on their body. That is why using our ARES sled has become one of my favorite ways building some lateral strength training to people Ultimate Sandbag Training. These Ultimate Sandbag Training moves don’t require a lot of complex techniques and can be progressed so many different ways. Kelly Mazone shows some great ways to introduce these lateral strength training concepts to your training.

Another one of my favorites is any of our Arc Pressing variations. Of course, working from a half kneeling posture amplifies the unique movement of these Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise making it an easy go to. When you ad in that it is easy on the shoulders and builds tremendous core strength, it is a no brainer.

Lastly, lateral deadlift variations. Why not squatting? Don’t get me wrong, lateral squats are awesome, but due to mobility/flexibility issues they can be VERY rough on people. Building up tolerance with Ultimate Sandbag Training lateral deadlift variations is a much friendlier option and like all our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag TrainIng drills allows for so many progressions.

Take a look below, don’t let people convince you that smart, sophisticated training is overly complicated. Don’t let people talk you out of exploring movement to its fully capability. Having a system gives you a guide to having success and having superior tools just makes it that much more fun!

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