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Is Ultimate Sandbag Training Right For Me?!

sandbag training

DVRT Master, Danny Jackowicz (Owner Twoguns Training Systems)

“Just a Sandbag…”

One of the more challenging aspects of the Ultimate Sandbag Training is that you truly have to feel it by using it and having in your hands to really understand its potential.

Then along that same vein, one of the bigger misconceptions around DVRT itself is that it is only about Ultimate Sandbag Training.

It is so much more than that. And in so many ways.

We can talk about how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is a system for movement in its entirety, a methodology, a solution etc etc over “just a sandbag cert” or anything of the like.

sandbag training

Because it absolutely is, it is a whole new perspective on how to progress and regress exercises without simply adding or decreasing weight. A reinvention of progressive overload. And other cool science stuff that I don’t intend to make it seem like isn’t important.

Because it is.
But it is more than that, still.
Enter, Luke.

I first met Luke in February of 2016. In addition to a personality that lights up the room, having great taste in music and movies and so many other things that make him amazing, Luke is autistic.
His mother was concerned about ways in which he could both safely and effectively workout. He had some fitness goals and aspirations but not necessarily an avenue in which to achieve them. And keeping him engaged as well as doing the right things was proving a challenge.
I met with Luke and his dad. Luke seemed excited he was able to have the opportunity to try something “like this” but he was shy, timid and lacking confidence.

sandbag training

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training should be empowering to people and inspire them to find their “best”.

Fast forward a year later and here is Luke doing his “Birthday Flow”. A flow is when multiple exercises seamlessly transition into one another to make a combination. At our gym, when it is a client’s birthday, we put together a DVRT Flow as their “present”. The goal being that a vast majority of the time, it includes (if not is completely) something they have never done before as well.

The Luke that is performing the above flow is neither shy nor timid and doesn’t seem to lack confidence at all. He enters the gym as a ball of energy, high fiving fellow clients who he shares the training floor with. And it isn’t rare that depending on the song that comes out, a dance party breaks out with him as the center.

Confident, capable, social in ways autism is not and also crushing a pretty involved flow with a 40 pound Force Ultimate Sandbag.
The Luke of June 2017 and the Luke of February 2016 are almost unrecognizable in the best of ways. He was a great kid then but now it is infinitely more visible and prevalent.

That is what DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is, a reinvention. An individualization. A transformation. A solution to insecurity. A strength. A confidence.

Find out more how transformative DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can be for you and those you want the best for HERE