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Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Exercises


sandbag training

When it comes to real life fitness training we are doing better, but we are still missing a big part of what functional fitness is all about. While our discussions of using the core, glutes, hip hinges, pulling/pushing is fantastic, we are can’t really talk about real life fitness without one major movement. It is our look at total functional fitness that makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training most unique.

You can’t really be strong in life and sport without this, so what is it? The one motion that some of the best coaches in the fitness industry still mess up….ROTATION!

No, not those Russian twists, bad medicine ball throws, or those exercises where you see people whirling a weight around their heads. Proper rotation requires us to create force into the ground while we pivot to move through the hips, NOT the low back.

That is where our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is quite a bit different. Our focus on teaching progressive exercises to teach actually a pretty complex pattern. Why do you need to learn rotation though, I mean, after all no one brags about their rotational strength do they?

sandbag training

Maybe we should because when it comes to punching, throwing, kicking, or doing anything athletic or powerful usually rotation plays a big role. Think about all the different sports….hockey, baseball, football, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, we could keep going on and on, there are strong rotational forces acting on the body.

Sadly, rotational training is either regulated with some light band work or super powerful medicine ball throws. The reality is that the strength training we do for every other movement pattern should be used when we talk about rotational training as well. That is the great thing about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we can teach the concepts of rotation in a way that anyone can learn how to move well and benefit from this type of training.

This is especially true when you look at how many of our major muscles like our glutes, obliques, and even lats are lined up. They aren’t linear, but almost like a fan to both create and resist these powerful rotational forces. You don’t have to be an athlete either, just think about people taking groceries from the bottom of their carts, unloading their dishwashers, putting their luggage in the overhead bin. You can see why these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises are so important.

Learning to RESIST rotation can be one of the best ways to learn to engage the ground and have the proper core strength to rotate properly. Our Ultimate Sandbag Training Kneeling Around the Worlds are different from Halos and other drills because of the longer range of motion we are able to achieve to activate more of the core muscles.

You can see how not only we can progress to teaching how to maintain the proper trunk position and foot work of the rotational training, but the feedback Ultimate Sandbag Training gives to real sporting actions.

As we layer progressions though, we want to make sure we keep the body safe. One of the big reasons many coaches are afraid of rotational exercises is because of the risk of herniation of low back discs with flexion and rotation of the spine. That is why these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training progressions are so important in learning proper back alignment but allowing you to progress to more challenging rotational exercises.

It isn’t about doing more exercises or having something new and different to do. IT IS about teaching real life movement that allows our fitness to transfer to life and sport at a higher level so we can be strong in AND out of the gym at the highest levels. The power you feel from this type of functional fitness training will change how you see strength training and give you real power of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

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