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Ultimate Sandbag Training to Save Your Shoulders!

sandbag training

Can simple things about Ultimate Sandbag Training save your body, especially your low back and shoulders? Well, it can, but you gotta understand where we are coming from!

“I got it”

That was the reaction when we were speaking at a conference and one or our instructors was helping an attendee with their form. Our coach was surprised that her attempt to help another save their shoulders.

sandbag training

Sadly, we all battle the inevitable ego. I know I’ve had to get past it. When I felt I was good at something and someone tried to give me feedback, I wasn’t always ready to receive the information. Heck, there are times that I have read books and I wasn’t ready to take the information.

So, I don’t think badly of someone thinking they got Ultimate Sandbag Training when in fact, it is still a growing program that we are always refining and making better. However, using any tool requires understanding the intent of the tool. As I always say, saws and hammers are both tools. If you use a saw as a hammer you won’t get very far, but is that the saw’s fault?

There are important fundamental techniques that we use in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training that has NOTHING to do with you getting more Ultimate Sandbags, but helping you building a healthier, stronger, and more resilient body. In fact, so many people seek us out because they have tried “everything else” and are at their wits end.

We can help those people, but only if they are willing to learn a few key fundamentals of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Especially those that will help those delicate shoulders. Ugh, on a side note, I heard someone say the other day how they have sore shoulders and that’s just a byproduct of training hard. Oh, this came from a coach too!

As someone who has worked out with weights for over 25 years, let me tell you this is NOT an effect of strength training, but rather, bad movement habits.

How are we going to use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to both save your shoulders and make you perform better in two easy steps?

Using the Right Handles

Of course there are plenty of those individuals that for whatever reason don’t like to know the “why’s”. I can’t really tell you why, maybe it is a control thing, but let me reassure you, I am not trying to control what you do, but help you learn how to make your training better!

sandbag training

That’s why one of THE most important and fundamental things you can do is use the right handles. It might be hard for some to imagine that we didn’t just slap handles on our Ultimate Sandbag, but strategically placed them to help promote better movement (btw, ask other companies why they put handles on and they won’t be able to tell you).

A big part of this is using the “clean grip” or neutral grip handles (so the palms face one another) is HUGE in how you perform and how you benefit from DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Why does this matter? After all, you don’t grab a barbell this way right?!

I say this with all due respect, an Ultimate Sandbag isn’t a barbell. Just as a kettlebell, suspension unit, gymnastics, and yoga all have their individual techniques and principles, so does the Ultimate Sandbag. Most of all to help you save your shoulders.

When you grab the clean grip handles, you can quickly “pack” the shoulders and brace the core by pulling the handles apart. Using the lat and core allows you to use the glutes better and takes stress off your shoulder. It also changes the movement of the Ultimate Sandbag in exercises like cleans from a “flip” to a truly powerful Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise that has the weight go UP the body.

This simple concept will completely change your deadlifts, cleans, and presses. Try it!

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Overhead Press

The second important issue is how you position the press in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. I could tell you why, but DVRT Master and co-owner of Envision Fitness, Steve DiTomaso, shows you so well!

Learn how we are transforming lives and results with our DVRT system. Check out our upcoming events in Northern California, Austin, Kentucky, U.K., and many more HERE