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Ultimate Sandbag Training Secrets, Maybe Not!

 Are Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts really as good as I make it out to be? I mean, it would be easy for me to hype up what Ultimate Sandbag Training does, but the only way to really know is if we prove it time and time again. Last week I showed you how one Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise  demolished the same barbell exercise with much less weight! It wasn’t very long ago how I showed you how Ultimate Sandbag Training took on sprinting for shredding body fat (CLICK HERE to read). Remember when I showed you some really cool results of our Ultimate Sandbag Training versus even a spin class? (If not CLICK HERE) Who could forget maybe the most eye opening trial we did when we put the kettlebell two handed swing as put to the test? (CLICK HERE).

So, it hasn’t been one, two, or even THREE instances where we have shown how incredibly effective Ultimate Sandbag Training can actually be for your fitness. It wasn’t as though we left it up to subjective, emotional feelings, but real empirical data! Time and time again, Ultimate Sandbag Training came out on top. I think this is so cool for a few different reasons.

What Ultimate Sandbag Training Really Does for You!

You would think the incredible fat burning and strength building effects of our program would be reason enough to put it right at the top of fitness programs. Well, of course, that wouldn’t be a bad one! However, when you consider these other factors, it becomes truly a no brainer.

Replace an Entire Gym: Funny, a lot of people will say “such and such” replaces an entire gym. Yet, when you see what they really train with, they still pretty much use an entire gym. When we continued to get further along in the development of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system I found myself not using so many other pieces of equipment in our training facility. You have to understand, this is coming from a guy who was a fitness toy junkie! I loved the newest and greatest training tools I almost had to expand simply to fit all the “toys” into my facility. However, as our system grew more and more I found myself doing the opposite! I was actually getting rid of so many pieces of equipment that were just sitting in the gym gathering dust.

sandbag training

Tiffany Gaston of http://tiffanyleegaston.com shows Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts work for busy home trainers!

While I loved my toys, I really loved getting great results even better! So, when I saw the results that the Ultimate Sandbag could produce, I just found other stuff just becoming space suckers! My wife thought I had caught some type of bug even because she saw the gym with less and less equipment. I remember thinking about how people training at home must feel. There is one thing you can never replace and that is SPACE! I began to think how valuable this would be whether you were a facility owner or someone who trained at home, Ultimate Sandbag Training allowed you such incredible versatility without much space or additional equipment.

This was a lesson that I was taught this past weekend as the gym we train at was busy as I can remember. There was simply a small area that we could train and my wife didn’t think it was possible, but I saw it as a great test to put Ultimate Sandbag Training to the fire. Literally we were able to do not much more than lunge in place, I put together a diverse workout that would not rely on redundant exercises.

Instead, we did an incredible circuit that challenged the entire body and we did so all without using almost any space in the gym! That made me think of all the common excuses used by people training at home and the challenges that are posed to trainers that are looking to get a high return on their investments. In either situation you can feel confident that Ultimate Sandbag Training doesn’t make you feel like you are compromising the quality of training, but in fact, getting the very BEST fitness program possible.

Some people have asked, “Josh, I see all these great results you get, but what do I do?” There is no secret, we don’t hide behind any special “Ultimate Sandbag Training curtain”, we share with you everything we do. From two to three training videos we post here weekly, to our DVDs and books (CLICK HERE to learn more Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts), we want YOU to have the power to make incredible changes to your fitness without any excuses. We say, “any time, any place you can get in incredible shape!” Keep following our blog here and if you want to see over 400 of our training videos you can check them out HERE. Until next time, keep being creative, motivated, and achieve more than you ever dreamed!

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