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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts for Busy People!

sandbag workouts

The other night we were over at a neighbor’s house celebrating Jessica’s birthday. It is always fun to talk with people not in fitness too, it always gives you a bit perspective on what we do too. One story in particular really resonated with me about our Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

One of our friends is a pediatrician for the near by Air Force base. He was telling the story of how he met his wife of over 20 years and she made the best comment. She told us she didn’t like him at first, he was too “bulky” for her.

He laughed, he said, “hey, I was 23 working at a health club I had nothing to do BUT to workout!” It made me laugh because I’ve been there too. Those of us in the industry often can’t understand why people can’t find the time to train until WE don’t have the time to train.

The doctor actually went on to say, “now I barely have time to get 30 minutes of a workout in!” He still looks good, but he has reality. A busy job, a dad of three boys, and loves doing stuff with his wife. The hours upon hours of working out have past him, but he still wants to be fit.

I think a lot of us can really relate to that and that is a big reason we put so much into showing you how well thought out Ultimate Sandbag workouts don’t have to take a long time or a million exercises to really work.

sandbag workouts

At the same time, our Ultimate Sandbag workouts aren’t just about smashing you. We want the training to still be deliberate, focused, and thoughtful. Like this great example by DVRT Master, Greg Gergely Perlaki. If you couldn’t tell from some of his past videos, Great loves to take his DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts outside in his home in the UK.

Not only does it make you feel a bit more connected and focused, it opens the playbook on how diverse and complimentary your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts can be!

This one hits all the bases, it is intense, focuses on quality movement, AND has balance in the exercise selection. Far too often people get squeezed for time and they actually make pretty lousy workouts, not Greg. If you want to train your core, glutes, and whole body hard and smart, trying following DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts like this one!

Perform 4 rounds of:⠀

Power Cleans x 6⠀

ARES Sled High Pull x 12⠀

Push ups 1-5 & 1 Deadlift in between.

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