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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts The Best of Corrective Exercise

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator of DVRT Restoration & DVRT Pelvic Control)

I’m not envious of the modern fitness professional. I remember being a kid and my mom (who had no background) teaching aerobics classes at the local gym. For many years, fitness professionals were just suppose to make people lose some fat, get stronger, and look better.

Now, the fitness professional is responsible for so much more! Their client wants to workout but has shoulder, knee, and/or low back pain. A changing insurance landscape, increasing demand on people’s time makes getting in shape and actually feeling better to be an overwhelming proposition.

I know myself, even as a physical therapist I had many of the same challenges many of you probably experience. I wanted to train hard, but severe injuries to my low back and shoulders made achieving my fitness goals so challenging.

That is why and how I have become such a proponent of what Ultimate Sandbag workouts can do and how they can be such a solution.

I’ve seen it change, now fitness professionals are spending SO much time trying to “correct” their clients’ movement they have stopped doing the things that REALLY can help them.

Movement and therapy experts like Dr. Craig Liebenson and Gray Cook have spoken about one of the best correctives you can do is strength train! That sounds good right? Especially when we live in a current society where renowned strength coach, Mike Boyle, claims our BIGGEST issue is our “epidemic of weakness”!

The problem with just saying, “go get strong” is that we don’t define what that means. If I asked you what that meant, I might get a very different answer than what I am intending.

That is why with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts we try not to focus on just a bunch of exercises, but providing you a fitness map on where to start people and then where to go with them.

When I think of strength training, I am thinking about combining layers of more sophisticated movement with actual loading. You see, MOST strength training programs I see are very limited in how they build movement in real world ways. As a therapist, I am more interested in how you can be strong in a variety of ways, more than just up and down.

That is where I believe DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts can play such a powerful role. For example, DVRT Master, Greg Gergely Perlaki, showed how we use our DVRT concepts of body position to build stability and strength at the same time. You can do one of these DVRT pressing progressions in each of your Ultimate Sandbag workouts and all of a sudden you would have much more well rounded strength and corrective exercise program than 90% of what is out there!

The same can be said when our DVRT Flows. I love these types of Ultimate Sandbag workouts because they not only get SO MUCH done in a short amount of time, they train ALL the qualities of real world fitness at once. Yes, we have stability, strength, and endurance, but we also have qualities like moving in different planes, mobility, and reactiveness that all play such a huge role. DVRT Master Kaitlyn Evans, shows how such concepts can make for such dynamic and effective Ultimate Sandbag workouts.


You quickly see that our Ultimate Sandbag workouts are more than trying to make you tired, we measure success in a whole different way. We aren’t JUST about seeing your lifting numbers go up either, we want to see how we can develop strength in ways we actually move and create those layers upon layers. What ends up happening is your think differently about strength and fitness and you find out how limited both our strength training and corrective exercise programs really are, mostly because they both stop so short of what we REALLY need for fitness for life.

A great example is this DVRT Flow by Enrique Ceniceros which completely changes how we see how we train for real human movement!

Of course all our Ultimate Sandbag workouts are based on develop good foundational skills. However, unlike most programs that just try to get you lifting heavier or doing more, we look can we make you more dynamic, agile, coordinate, and well, a better human. This is what “corrective exercise” and strength training should be REALLY about!

Learn how DVRT is transforming the world of functional fitness, don’t miss our upcoming events in Seattle, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles HERE