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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts for Real Muscle

sandbag workout equipment

EVERYONE should want more muscle. This isn’t just a “guy thing”, this isn’t for the young kids that want to look great at the beach. Functional muscle helps improve our metabolism, makes our body more resilient, helps improve the quality of our life, decreases of things like falls in the elderly, it can help with blood sugar levels, bone density, SHOULD I keep going? Now there is a difference between functional muscle and the “stuff” you see in many bodybuilding magazines. I’ll explain what you SHOULD be looking for and how Ultimate Sandbag workouts make such a difference.

When I talk about adding functional muscle with Ultimate Sandbag workouts, hopefully you realize that you won’t be beating “Ahrnold” any time soon (is that becoming a dated reference? How about “the Rock”?) Getting the super human look that many people get apprehensive about is more of a factor of “chemical assistance” than just training hard or the exercises you perform.

Muscle is something we lose and we do so fast! In fact, we start to lose muscle as young as 25 years old!! By age 40, lean mass decreases about 8% per decade until age 70, at which time lean mass loss accelerates to 15% per decade. That is one of the BIG reasons exercise overall is important, but strength training even more so.

Assuming I can get people to understand how important muscle is and especially for the ladies, it isn’t a bad thing, it is about HOW we build muscle that becomes increasingly important. I get really frustrated at this part because a lot of people don’t believe functional training like our Ultimate Sandbag workouts can actually build appreciable muscle. This is nonsense! Renowned fitness coach, Alwyn Cosgrove, explains what building muscle is all about!

“Research shows three primary methods that cause hypertrophy are mechanical tension (load), muscle damage, and metabolic stress.”

When you look at Ultimate Sandbag workouts you realize that they fulfill these three criteria REALLY well! In fact, one of the most talked about aspects of Ultimate Sandbags (instability) is one of the biggest reasons that they are so helpful in building muscle. Why?

Having an unstable implement, no I’m not talking about the one’s that are SO unstable you look like you are having a seizure, you have to use so many more muscles to create stability and precision of movement. When you look at something just like our Clean and Push Press with a Burly Ultimate Sandbag, you see ALL three methods at their best!

So while instability plays one big part of stimulating A LOT of muscles at once, the other is our unique hold positions. Even exercises like squats become FULL body muscle building exercises because how we have to use the whole body to perform the movement.

DVRT Master, Cory Cripe (along with his special assistant) explains how Ultimate Sandbag workouts change how we view building real world muscle.  

The biggest reasons that people find our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts are so challenging is really the simple combination of instability and the holding positions. Using so much of the body all at once builds not just some of our favorite “show muscles” but deep intrinsic joint stabilizers as well. Old time strongmen knew this and was one of my reasons I got interested in sandbag workouts in the first place!

As legendary strongman historian, Brooks Kubik, has written…

“It (sandbags) builds a type of rugged, total-body strength that is impossible to duplicate with other equipment.”

For me as someone who is looking to be a solution for people’s goals, I love when people share with me how Ultimate Sandbag workouts not only give them results, but make their lives better. That is why I love when DVRT Master, Cory Cripe, says the following…

“As a father of 3 young, very active children (10, 8, & 4) I’m not allowed to lift and carry things with neat and shiny handles outside of the gym. That’s why I need to train for the various demands of life.

Using the bear hug holding position for my staggered stance squats and holding the Ultimate Sandbag on my fists as I carry won’t just deliever an effective lower body workout, but also include strength endurance in my upper body as a bonus!”

The first bodybuilders in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were far more about the ideas we have just shared. Balance of the body, they were gymnasts, wrestlers, and performed tons of manual labor. It wasn’t about building any one muscle, but how to train the body as holistically as possible. I love the idea of Ultimate Sandbag workouts bringing that idea back and helping people understand that muscle is something that doesn’t make us just look better, but makes our lives better!

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