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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts for Rapid Results

sandbag training

As your week keeps going it is amazing how your workouts can sometimes be interrupted by life. We like to say there are no excuses when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, but the reality is there is a lot to life that makes squeezing in even your Ultimate Sandbag workouts seem very challenging.

That is why whenever possible we like to share Ultimate Sandbag workouts that can solve a lot of the challenges that time crunched workouts create. Especially because I often hear people say things like, “something is better than nothing.” While I appreciate the sentiment, you can mess up your body with “something” just as much, if not more than sometimes doing nothing.

Time crunched Ultimate Sandbag workouts don’t have to be dumbed down to hundreds of whatever. Rather, we can still emphasize the great movement strength training that make Ultimate Sandbag workouts so darn effective.

I’ve been on the road a lot lately so I get the idea of trying to stay on top of your fitness goals even though time and equipment can be limited. However, that is why I think DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts are the answer to so many challenges we face in keeping fitness a priority in our lives.

sandbag workouts

You will see below a workout I used that at the Perform Better Summit. While everyone was else was at lunch and equipment was being set-up for the next presentations, I grabbed a pair of kettlebells and our Power Ultimate Sandbag. What you see is still an example of how dynamic your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts can be. Working 360 degrees of strength and hitting every muscle in my body.

The workout was….

5 Sprinter Stance Row-Clean-Forward Lunge-Half Press each side rest 30 seconds followed by

12 Around the Worlds each side, rest 30 seconds followed by

8 Lateral Arc Press Outs

Repeated for 20 minutes

What did we NOT train with this workout? We got stability, strength, mobility, and movement in many different directions. You can quickly see our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts can not only accomplish all sorts of fitness goals, but can also apply to different pieces of equipment as well.


If you need MORE proof of how creative you can become with your workouts, check out this great DVRT complex by Evan Supanich of Vive Fitness in Portland, Oregon. Getting a ton done with just ONE exercise. You can make powerful Ultimate Sandbag workouts like this by performing one side of 5 reps, rest 30 seconds, then the other side for 5 reps, rest 30 seconds. Try to do this workout for as many rounds as you can achieve in 15-20 minutes.

You will find that these types of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts do MORE for your body and moving to your fitness goals than most people do spending an hour in the gym. Great fitness doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it does have to be thoughtful!

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