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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts for Total Body Conditioning

How do you not get it to sound like an infomercial? I mean when we can actually show you how Ultimate Sandbag workouts can be done with ONE size, in limited space, it does sound like the horrible Sunday infomercials.

The big difference I have to say is that ours is actually just true. You can get overwhelmed with all the very cool exercises in our Ultimate Sandbag workouts, but sometimes the best is to focus on the ones that give you the “biggest bang for your buck!”

sandbag workouts

People often say “sandbags are great!” but when you ask them how or why, the statements are usually only regulated to, “they are like the real world”, or “instability man, instability”. Well what does that really mean and how can we use concepts of DVRT to make your Ultimate Sandbag workouts really super charged.

What DVRT Master, Amanda Thebe, shows is a simple formula in which we can accomplish many functional fitness goals at once. Guess what, using DVRT principles, she can create Ultimate Sandbag workouts with all the same weight and in a very small space.

sandbag workouts

Typically when it comes to using just one weight, people just go for the super high reps and conditioning side only. What Amanda shows is how we can create Ultimate Sandbag workouts that build strength, conditioning, fat loss, mobility, stability, balance, and coordination. Pretty awesome right?

Now, people mistake things that sound simple as being EASY. Oh that is a BIG mistake as it comes to Ultimate Sandbag workouts. Doing these movements with precision, accuracy, and being a great technician isn’t easy.

That is why these Ultimate Sandbag workouts do so much good just beyond seeming like a cousin of a kettlebell or barbell. The instability and movement capability of the Ultimate Sandbag brings in more muscles and raises the intensity of the exercise. Heck, I just spent the last two days breaking down how a new research study proved this VERY thing about Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

So, how do you do this workout? Amanda uses a ladder of 10 reps of each exercise, minimal rest, 8, 6, 4, and finish with 2. That 30 reps of each movement. With that said, you might only do 1-2 rounds depending upon how challenging it is for you because you can accumulate a lot of volume of work in a short amount of time.

You will want to follow our guidelines for appropriate sizes and weight of Ultimate Sandbags. That is due to the fact we have dimensional components that make the exercise easier or more challenging.

Women Beginners: 40 pound Strength USB

Women Intermediate: 50 pound Strength

Women Advanced: 60 pound Strength

Men Beginners: 60 pound Strength

Men Intermediate: 80 pound Burly

Men Advanced: 100 pound Burly

As the research has shown, it isn’t JUST the reps or breathing hard, but using appropriate load too. Let’s call it how it is, if you are an advanced man using a 50 pound Strength USB it isn’t going to give you the right training effect.

Give it a test drive, see how long it takes you to get through this series. Remember, as with ALL Ultimate Sandbag workouts, you want the best repetitions possible. Be purposeful, don’t just go through the reps!

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