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Under 20 Minute Fitness | Ultimate Sandbag Workout

Everything Done in 20 Minutes-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs

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It isn’t about being in a race.

It isn’t about finding an excuse to do less.

It is all about finding the MOST efficient way to use your time working out!

After 20 years of looking at various fitness programs I can tell you one thing for sure. The vast majority of well intended workouts are just a waste of time!

That is why with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs are dedicated to not teaching you just cool new exercises, but more effective ways to construct your workouts. There are many different ways to set forth your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs, but my favorite may be complexes.

A complex can be one of two styles of training, yea, not confusing. In order to make it easier, you can think of as one as a hybrid and one as a flow series.

Hybrid: A series of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises performed with a set series of repetitions before the next. For example, 5 reps of cleans followed by 5 reps of front loaded squats followed by 5 reps of overhead presses.

Two Training showing off their DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout moves

Flow: A clean immediately followed by a front loaded squat into a press. That is one repetition.

Many times you have seen us use the flow style of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training complexes to show how you can create incredible movements. However, hybrids are often overlooked for being powerful in a different way.

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout hybrids are great because you can progress them in many different ways. A TON of work is done in a short amount of time which stimulates both better strength and fitness. However, you can vary the intensity in some key ways that gets you better results.

In order to illustrate my point of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout hybrids let’s look at a foundational series that is anything but easy!

-High Pulls x 10

-Overhead Push Press x 10

-Front Loaded Squats x 10

-Bent-Over Rows x 10

The above series is meant to be all done in succession with minimal to no rest. That isn’t easy! That is 40 repetitions all in a row! Varying the movement patterns does make is a bit easier to manage fatigue, but no matter, it is still rough!

I wouldn’t expect someone to do this right out of the gate though. A starting DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout hybrid would look like the following….

-High Pulls x 5

-Overhead Push Press x 5

-Front Loaded Squats x 5

-Bent-Over Rows x 5

Each drill would be followed with a 60 second break. Now that may sound like a long time to breathe, but we would be aiming for 4-5 rounds and that work accumulates. Also consider this would be someone pretty new to fitness. 

From here I would look to actually reduce the rest time progressively. Go to 50, 40, 30, and finally 15 seconds. Once you can follow the entire series with just about no rest we can bump up the reps to six and add about 15 seconds of rest. Adding four repetitions but this is 20% more volume for the total set, pretty significant!

Yet, if this is still pretty easy, find the number of repetitions that makes you want to take at least a 30 second break. I would recommend the following progression….

Week 1:

4-5 Rounds

5 reps of each Exercise

Minimal Rest

Week 2:

4-5 Rounds

6 reps of each Exercise

Minimal Rest

Week 3:

4-5 Rounds

7 reps of each Exercise

30 Seconds of Rest

Week 4:

4-5 Rounds

7 reps of each Exercise

20 Seconds of Rest

This allows you to work towards all the drills with 10 repetitions with minimal rest. If you can accomplish this for 4-5 rounds you know you have earned the right to use more weight!

Such easy ways of using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout hybrids makes this such a valuable training method for a lot of different fitness goals. Remember though, simple doesn’t mean easy and this could be one of the most challenging DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs you have tried!

Let us know some of YOUR favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout hybrids!

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