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Unlocking Real World Strength With THIS Power Clean

sandbag workout equipment

We’ve discussed a lot that power training isn’t just for athletes. Life requires us to learn how to quickly accelerate and decelerate in many instances. Whether you are picking up your kid up to your shoulder (that’s not a deadlift, but a power movement), lifting an object from a cart into the back of your car, going for a hike, catching yourself when. you slip, you get the point right?

Learning our Ultimate Sandbag power clean is a great and relatively easy way to teach power in very effective and accessible ways. You don’t need the wrist mobility as we would with a barbell and we don’t have to worry about banging the wrist like often can be a concern with people learning kettlebells. At the same time, we don’t have to sacrifice the power development we are learning.

sandbag power clean

People often think that the lighter loads we use with our Ultimate Sandbag power clean can’t produce serious strength and power, but that’s far from the truth! The larger dimension that causes us to pull for a longer period, the instability that requires more movement accuracy, and the distance of the handle from the center of mass all makes a moderate Ultimate Sandbag power clean much heavier than another tool of equal weight.

While it isn’t complicated, there are specific cues that are necessary for our Ultimate Sandbag power clean. Below physical therapist, Jessica Bento, helps me explain some easy cues and keys that will allow you to get the most of our great power training like our Ultimate Sandbag power clean.

The great part of learning these foundations, no way you should rush building proficiency and strength in our Ultimate Sandbag power clean, is that we can build progressions that teach us how to produce such power in different environments. This is essential in building better functional fitness because learning to develop strength and power in various directions is so foundational to what more advanced functional strength is about.

Some of the best reasons to use these types of Ultimate Sandbag power clean movements is that we can build injury resilience, mobility, and stability along with great power training. When we move in such ways we expand our movement vocabulary and by learning to move and perform in such ways enhances the way we use the chains of our body and teach the systems how to work so much more effectively. The only way to really appreciate such training is to use it in your training. Start with the foundations, but also look how we can incrementally build better movement like the drills we see below.

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