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Vikings and Ninjas


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Are you a Viking or a Ninja? 

Weird question right? 

If you look at how most people train and they usually fall into one of the two categories. What do I mean? 

For decades great strongmen have come out of the nordic countries. Growing up I was infatuated by the likes of Magnus ver Magnusson. Just with that name how do you NOT be crazy strong! I think the name “Magnus” improves your natural testosterone by 20% over the normal human being!


That just LOOKS crazy doesn’t it!

Interestingly enough I was a red blooded American guy and what American guy didn’t fall in love and practice his crazy martial arts kicks after watching a Bruce Lee movie. Yea, I wanted to be like Bruce Lee too! 

As silly as it sounds, I find most people are in the same boat, but they eventually choose one over the other. Some go into the brute strength of the viking and others into the deep study of the ninja. The truth is there is a lot of commonalities of both. You don’t REALLY have to actually choose!

That is because being a great strongman or a martial arts expert doesn’t happen in a workout, a month, or a year. It doesn’t happen because you use a piece of equipment here and there, nor do the “strongman of the month workout”. Both require years of practice, refinement, and developing the skills that both movement systems require. 

Not too surprising that I think both are possible by using kettlebells and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Most think kettlebells and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training are just different versions of the same thing. Even MORE sad is there are quite a few that don’t believe you can achieve such great fitness with these simple looking tools. 

While kettlebells have their mythos in Russian training circles, the idea of a “weight with a handle” can be traced back to Greek and even Chinese history. Some even believe that old Scottish Highland type games gave great birth to the use of the kettlebell. The idea that the kettlebell had only one use or history is quite tragic. Why? Because so many different cultures that valued athleticism used kettlebells as part of their training, so something might be to this whole idea! 


Some really interesting versions of kettlebells over time. 

The sandbag has almost as interesting history. Whether it is the fact they were linked to Egyptian warriors for preparation of battle, to the great Hindu wrestlers that were legendary for their incredible strength, endurance, AND mobility, or early 20th century Strongman that found their unique weight quite the challenge. 


Use of odd objects like sandbags can be traced back to Greek times, man, what a fad!

My goal is not to give you just a history lesson, but an idea that the way some of the strongest, most agile, most amazing athletes that ever lived trained wasn’t led by the predominant methods of today’s gym. They used simple tools, but devoted themselves fully to maximize the full potential of each. Why? Because they didn’t have a choice, they didn’t have catalogs coming to them in the mail, sites devoted to every piece of strength training equipment one could imagine. They had to make what they had elite. 

It was the hard work, the thoughtfulness of their actions, the dedication to their craft that allowed them to achieve the results they were after. You don’t have to be only a viking or a ninja, thanks to expanding on those classic ideas we can truly have the best of both!

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