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Warrior Strong Workouts

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Memorial Day does have a special feeling for us. Our special relationship with police and fire departments along with our work with several branches of the US military has given us a special respect and care for these amazing men and women. 

A lot of that has been our ability to really positively impact others. Mostly that is similar to what a lot of experience. The need to recover from injury, not feel beaten up, and re-gain our natural movement that pain could have caused. In doing so, you find a whole new level of fitness you might have not even had before. 

So, today, I wanted to share two workouts that have that special ability to do a lot even when you aren’t doing hundreds of exercises. What you will find with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is how you develop a specific type of strength. That fitness that carries over to anything you want to do and develops strength both mentally and physically. 

The most inspiring stories aren’t always the ones about people losing a ton of weight, or hitting personal records (those are great though). Rather how people’s lives being changed. One such one came to us from a US Marine Fitness Instructor. Her amazing work with one gentlemen in particular almost brought us to tears. 

The wounded warrior I have been working with just took his first jog outside last week! He went from not being able to walk properly to taking a small jog outside. We have been working on all of the restoration stuff. The Ultimate Sandbag is his favorite! He cried when he realized he was running outside. 

When we hear about lives being changed that is what keeps us pushing to do better and more to make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training part of everyone’s fitness and life routine! We hope these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts give you some inspiration of how fun, challenging, and effective functional fitness can be!