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We NEED More Successful Single Leg Deadlifts

sandbag exercise equipment

I often don’t find it difficult to have coaches agree that single leg deadlifts are beneficial. However, I do think HOW much or why they think they are good to put into workout programs can vary quite a bit! Like so many fitness professionals, I thought for a long time that single leg deadlifts were just necessary evils in training.

single leg deadlifts

That is single leg deadlifts were really there to fulfill some vague quality we called stability. Don’t get me wrong, stability IS important, but to be honest, I didn’t know what that really meant other than it was really hard to balance in many “stability” based exercises. With the weight going down on lifts like single leg deadlifts, I never really gave them much though on being great muscle or strength building exercises.

single leg deadlifts

Once I learned more about how the body functions, my appreciation of single leg deadlifts grew exponentially. However, a new problem arouse, how do I get people to be successful in their training with single leg deadlifts. Most of my clients couldn’t perform any variation of single leg deadlifts without struggling big time and getting quite frustrated. That is what ultimately led me to creating solutions like you see in our DVRT system in creating better progressions to single leg deadlifts.

Today I break down what you may have not known about the value of single leg deadlifts and why holding onto racks, using walls, and even foam rollers aren’t teaching you what you need to create for the body to build greater success. Hope you enjoy the video below and continue to scroll down to see our examples of how we put these ideas into practice!

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