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What 3-D Strength Really Looks Like!

What 3-D Strength Really Looks Like!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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When I first started in fitness I began like most, in a commercial gym. Really not knowing much more than the other people that were just working out, I tended to really observe some of the more seasoned trainers. One in particular really stood out. Not only was he the most popular trainer at the gym, he was super interesting to watch. With his clients he did all these really interesting, dynamic, and very different looking exercises, a lot of the stuff I hadn’t really seen before. No, not those that were crazy and circus tricks, rather you could tell he had much more of a purpose with them. It was obvious that he had a method to his madness, something I hadn’t really seen before!

He was popular because he was so well known for getting results. It didn’t seem if you were a man or a woman, if you were young or old, if you were an athlete or just looking to get in great shape, Paul was your man!

The fascinating part was watching Paul workout himself. By today’s standards he had a very good workout. He back squatted, deadlifted, performed pull-ups, and bench pressed. Interestingly enough he didn’t change this routine too much. Ironically, Paul got less than stellar results himself. I watched how week after week he pretty much lifted the same weights. In fact, one day I asked him, “Paul are you trying to lift towards a goal?”, he smirked as though to say, “oh you silly young trainer.” Paul went on to explain to me that what he was doing was the secret to getting results.

However, he quickly followed that up with how much he ached, how much he was just trying to get his workout in till his next client. 

In other words, on one hand he was convinced that “doing the basics” was all he needed. Yet, he quickly admitted to not making much progress and hurting quite a bit! It was so bad I remember one time Paul had to rush out to his car. About three steps into his “run” it looked like he pulled his hamstring. I thought to myself, “is this what fitness is about?” To be honest, I thought possibly. I mean, how many times have you heard people chalk things up to “old age”, or “bad genes”? 

There is something I had to do though, I had to ask Paul, “how come you don’t do what you make your clients do?” He again chuckled and said, “well, they aren’t as advanced as I am!” 


I couldn’t help but think Paul’s thought process was off base. Here were his clients that moved well, made progress in leaps and bounds, and yet, he saw no value to what they were doing. It would have been one thing if Paul himself was experiencing great progress, but he admitted to not having made any significant strides for quite some time. 

It would be a few years till this simple discussion with Paul really sunk in with me. As I started seeing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training evolve from a “sandbag program” to something very different, I would think about Paul. You see Paul didn’t realize he was close, he just could’t quite make that leap that so many struggle with in the industry today!  In reality his clients WERE doing what HE should have been doing as well. The problem was that Paul couldn’t even see it. 

He was teaching their bodies to work better and smarter. He was forcing them to find their weaknesses and more importantly, make them better!  He saw the beginning of what we call “Movement Strength”. Strength training in all angles and positions, isn’t a gimmick, it is how our body really works!

How most people train is gym strength, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is about “Bringing Strength to Life!” That means not just being strong, being resilient, being able to do things in life when others think it is impossible. Look at Paul, probably could outfit most guys in the gym, but moaned and groaned every time he went from sitting to standing. He had more stories on things he WISH he could still do rather than what he actually could do. If getting “stronger” means not getting better in life, I’m out!

I think, no, I KNOW we can do way better! That is what I want DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to be WAY BETTER! 

That is pretty arrogant of me to say isn’t it? Well, it would be, but the fact that we have seen it actually happen makes me feel we have more confidence than arrogance.

What makes me so confident? Yea, the real world results of so many people, but also this….

We constantly evolve!

ultimate sandbag training



DVRT can fit so many shapes and sizes because of the power of the system. Doesn’t matter if you are 70 or 11, it can work for you!

When I think back to my horrible training programs when I first started, I don’t feel badly. Yea, I didn’t know a lot, but I tried to do the best that I could with what I knew. Here is the things though, the smartest thing I knew was that I didn’t know everything. That left me open to change, grow, and evolve.

Paul couldn’t do that. He had his exercises, he had his general workouts, but he couldn’t evolve because he really couldn’t even see the problem. He fell into the trap of so many of doing what he THOUGHT was right even though his results clearly demonstrated to him otherwise.

People are sometimes afraid that what they believe at the time doesn’t work, it isn’t the “right stuff”, to me though only one thing matters, the results.

Getting better, growing, evolving, is the ONLY sure way to make sure you keep making progress. That is one of the few promises I always am excited to talk about. We will always get better, which means, YOUR workouts, programs, and results will keep getting better.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck like Paul. Ironically, a few years ago I went back to the gym. I wanted to get a workout and see if it had changed. I found out that Paul was no longer in fitness, kinda made me sad. I knew he had good intentions, but Paul stopped growing and getting better, a choice he made that may have kept him from truly being successful.

Thinking about where DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training was 10 years ago and where it is now, I know that our efforts to keep getting better are working. I know that because we are able to deliver so much superior information, programs, and ideas, than ever before. You can hold me to this, if there is anything I am certain about it is that year after year we are going to get better. Why? Because we are determined not to have things be “okay”, or “good”, but we are striving for the BEST!

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