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What About Me?

What About Me?-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Yesterday I shared with you one of my very favorite exercises, the Ultimate Sandbag deceleration clean. 

I’ll admit, it isn’t an easy exercise to perform. What you get out of it is definitely worth the effort!

What if though, what if you tried it and it just felt horrible? 

You did your best, you followed what we showed and it was not coming out well!

That’s okay! I often tell people at our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag courses, you don’t have to perform every DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercise, you have to use the RIGHT ONE!

For some of you the deceleration clean is going to be too much for right now. 

Could be a variety of reasons. Maybe you have never done any type of power training before, maybe you have never worked on this specific pattern, maybe you don’t know how to load your hips quickly. Whatever the reason we can still get you there as long as you follow our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag progressions. 

Yes! If you follow a path of establishing strong foundations you will be absolutely AMAZED at what you can eventually achieve. 

It may not come tomorrow, but to me that is part of the fun of training with a purpose. Not worrying about just lifting heavier, doing more reps, or surviving a workout. Rather, being connected to your body, learning how to move better, and unleash your inner athlete. 

I am so happy that we have such great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag coaches though that can help you through that process!

Today I want to share with you a terrific breakdown DVRT Ultimate Sandbag video that DVRT Master and co-owner of Envision Fitness in BC, Steve Di Tomaso, uses at their facility. It is pretty cool to watch their classes and see the diversity of people that are able to do great things with using the DVRT system. 

Check it out and see how you can become more successful in EVERY aspect of your fitness program!

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