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What Being A Real DVRT Superhero Means

ultimate sandbag

Cam Ward, DVRT Master Australia (Check Out HERE)


This got me thinking as I prepare for our upcoming DVRT certifications in Australia.  Our previous workshop at Hustle Fitness Sydney, I broke the ice with “Introduce yourself and tell us who your favorite Superhero.”

I know, I know you have probably been asked this question before, however I thought it was quite appropriate as ‘Avengers’ was on the TV the night before the workshop.


We’ve been lucky enough to have some fun superheroes be DVRT fans!

More to the point it was one of the responses I was given that has stuck with me.  The owner of the business said his favourite Super Hero was his Dad, which I thought was a wonderful answer and set the seen for an awesome workshop.

My wife (Bec) has watched my journey grow over the past 7 years and my passion grow stronger and stronger for the DVRT system.  Going back a little over 12 months, Bec not by choice under went major abdominal surgery.  Little did she know that everyday lifting, movement and the things she took for granted became really challenging.

Determined to get going again her first goal was in six weeks to get strong enough to get on a plane and fly for 20hr to the Arbonne International Conference in Las Vegas.  After the first couple of weeks of rest we would spend 5-10 minutes a day on the floor completing ISO pull exercises to start activating the core.  A simple movement using the Ultimate Sandbag and squeezing the floor with her feet was enough to active her tummy muscles.

Making it back from Las Vegas and having an AWESOME time, the next goal was hitting the sunny sandy beaches of the Gold Coast for the Australian Conference.  This is where we started to really spend more time on movement and was able to start seeing big changes!

Still having some challenges with movement we had to think lateral and play around with things like the Dead Bug and the Glute Bridge as raising of the legs to high still showed some weakness.  Until you get your hands on an Ultimate Sandbag you don’t realize how much you can get from ‘PULLING THE HANDLES APART.” Such a seemingly simple cue, but especially when you have someone who has suffered injury or surgery and are “disconnected”. This cue becomes the difference between being an “okay” exercise and being life changing!

Pulling the handles apart activated her lats and core, which allowed for a stable pelvis giving Bec the ability to start increasing the movement in her arms and legs.  This was huge since due to her surgery it wasn’t JUST about getting her “abs” strong, but reconnecting them with the rest of her body. We have a running phrase at one of our ladies sessions ‘Proximal stability, gives distal mobility’, meaning if we work on strengthening the core and muscles closest to our spine our arms and legs will move more efficient.

What I love most about DVRT is that you can always move an exercise forward or a bit back. That doesn’t mean you are doing badly, it is about finding how to have DVRT meet where the person is at RIGHT NOW!

A huge stepping stone, creating tension to allow the legs to come off the ground


Adding the Ultimate Sandbag into traditional movements such as the Dead bug and the Bird Dog not only brings the body together to connect as one but gets us results faster.  No we are not asking you to throw the USB’s or move them really faster, in fact we are asking you to slow it down and create as much tension or friction as you can depending on the movement you are completing. It is MUCH more difficult to move slowly with great intent than it is just “toss” the weight back and forth.

Being able to use the core Ultimate Sandbag as a tool of feedback allowed tension to be achieved in the right places for a beautiful corrective exercise. We have the Ultimate Sandbag not being just another weight, but being like another coach for the movement. What an awesome way to use a tool, in fact, a tool should help us teach concepts and solve issues much faster.

Having a tool or piece of equipment is one thing, but knowing what to do with it to train and move with intent is another thing.  That’s why we are really excited that 12 months on Bec is now able to achieve what you see in the below video.  It actually bought a tear to my eye when we were filming this workout because I would honestly say 12 months ago we had a vision and when it all comes together it is EXCITING.

Watching what my amazing wife has been able to not only achieve, but overcome is what makes her a REAL DVRT superhero! We often want to judge our success by how much weight we lose, or how we compare with others. However, real strength comes from how we learn to overcome adversity and the lessons we learn that help us inspire and help others. That is why when it comes to DVRT, I get so excited how not only does it build muscle, or help fitness, but with the right purpose, can make such a positive impact on people’s lives! Seeing what Bec can do today, I hope serves as inspiration for so many others!

If you live in Australia, check out Cam’s upcoming programs HERE. Can’t make it to the beautiful country of Australia? Save 30% on our DVRT training tools and educational programs that help you create the same “magic” for others. Use code “fall” HERE