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What It REALLY Takes To Succeed As A Fitness Professional

Our DVRT Elite program has been something we have had in our minds for several years. Since we started running our DVRT certifications in 2008, we have worked with fitness professionals from all over the world. Time and time again we heard such similar stories about coaches that were struggling to stay in the industry.

They loved coaching, they were passionate about helping people, but they just weren’t able to create a successful career. However, it wasn’t until Covid hit and we saw the fitness industry really get hammered that we committed to doing this program. While many fitness professionals struggled to navigate the challenges they faced, a good number decided they would all of a sudden make promises of riches to those just trying to make it to the next month. We felt horrible that we didn’t have anything better to offer people.

During a time when people needed genuine guidance and honest answers, we didn’t have something that could really deliver such information for our fitness community. As people shared with us their troubles, we realized trying to answer the same questions one person at a time wasn’t as effective as having a program that anyone could gain access to in order to have the foundation that would allow them to not just survive, but learn to thrive in the fitness industry. While that sounds like a lofty promise, there is a major difference with what we are doing with DVRT Elite.

That simple difference is that we have ACTUALLY had real successful businesses. Whether it was running a successful personal training studio for over a decade, or creating an international fitness brand from literally nothing, we know what it takes and the common mistakes that are made in having a real career in fitness. After 20 years of being online, it makes sense to have something that we can give back with and make an impact for other people.

core stability

Yes! There are legitimate fitness business coaches, but let’s face it, they get out numbered pretty soundly by all those that promise riches to the current fitness professional. It is difficult to find a fitness coaching course that sets real foundations of business success and is highly accessible in both the information and price. That is why today we are excited to announce the release of our NEW DVRT Elite fitness coaching program.

This course has 10 chapters of the most important aspects of having a fitness business that provides you with the foundation to have a true career and long standing success. We spell out the keys of each section as well as instructional videos not just by Jessica and myself, but we bring in great professionals in topics that can provide you great insights.

The following two videos provide you some idea of what we want to be all about and what we are going to deliver for you. Not crazy promises of riches falling from the sky, but information of what makes a business something to be proud of and can offer you the lifestyle you envision.

You can get the program this week for 30% off (less than $40) with code “elite” HERE

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DVRT Elite Discussion Part 1

DVRT Elite Discussion Part 2