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What Makes This Low Back Pain Program Unique

low back pain

This 12 Week Course Starts October 3rd, Student Sign-ups Are Available NOW

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When we launched our new DVRT Rx Online 12 Week Low Back Pain Certification, we knew there would be a lot of questions surrounding what this program was, why did we choose to do it the way we have planned out, and most importantly, how is it going to benefit you? Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of people discussing low back pain online, so why do one ourselves? Was it just to grab onto something popular?

Well, hopefully over the course of this past week we have helped explain many of the misconceptions surrounding the topic of low back pain and why what we are going to be teaching is going to help filter all that nonsense as well as provide you with real actionable steps based on real evidence. However, with that said, I wanted to take time today to answer the most popular questions we have been receiving around our new low back pain course.

Q: Why are you doing it online and not live?

A: Jessica and I love teaching in person SO much, but when we started really mapping out this course we realized something very quickly. The topics and depth we wanted to cover couldn’t even be close to being covered in even two days of 8-10 hours of teaching each! Instead of just scrapping the surface of topics like mechanical vs. neuroplastic pain, what screens work and why, the interrelationship of stability/mobility, which lifestyle habits impact low back pain and how do we start to coach them and not just lecture to people, as well as so much more (like case studies, learning how to read specific studies) there was no way that could be done in even 20 hours worth of teaching.

low back pain

Providing an online experience allows us to provide more content, go deeper on those topics, AND very importantly helps the student absorb the information at a more reasonable pace. Imagining not just “squeezing in” all these ideas, topics, and concepts is one thing, but actually making it not overwhelming is another challenge. Being able to break up topics and sections into specific areas of study makes it not only possible to present more information, but help the students really take away the vital aspects of each.

Plus, we love the idea of being able to reach people that maybe normally would not be in a position to come to live event.

Q: Can I buy this like your other courses or is this something different?

A: Our new DVRT Rx Low Back Certification is VERY different from anything we have done before. All of our other online programs have been created so that you can just go through the material as you see fit with a manual and video links. THIS course is designed more like taking an intensive class where each week we will have assigned reading, an online presentation of a specific aspect of addressing chronic low back pain, an opportunity to interact with us during a live Q & A, as well as we will have a special private discussion group for the students.

The course runs for a specific 12 week period that we will only have open enrollment during times of the year. Right now, we probably will not run another 12 class till late Spring 2023, so this is a very special opportunity to get into a very powerful program.

Q: What if I can’t make the calls and such?

A: We are aiming for an intimate group for our first time out so that we can make sure everyone gets the appropriate attention they need. So, we hope that the group can determine the best times that work, but in case you aren’t able to make a specific call we are going to record all videos. You will have access to the recordings and be able to review them after the sessions. This is not only in order to help people who’s schedule may not permit them to attend, but allow students to review the information afterwards so really understand the material.

Q: Why a certification and do I have to become certified to take the program?

A: Something Jessica and I have wanted to do for some time is really make DVRT an all encompassing resource for people looking to optimize functional training. That means this is just the start of MUCH more to come with our educational programs, but also follows the path we have started with Restoration, DVRT 1 & 2, L.I.F.T, Progressive Kettlebell Movement, and more. Certification we feel is most beneficial to the attendee.

fitness certification


Taking any course is great, but how do you know you really understood, are able to appropriately apply, and explain the most important aspects of the program? Coming from a background in education, I can tell you that the purpose of testing isn’t for the teacher, but the student. Can you demonstrate the knowledge that is expected from the material that is presented? I don’t know about you, but I want to really know for sure that I have a grasp of the material.

That being said, we are offering a special incentive too for those that become certified including a FREE USB (for US students, international will receive DVRT credit) as well as special discounts on DVRT material and tools.

Do you have to become certified though? No, you do not, that is totally up to you and taking the course you will still have access to all the information and use as you best see fit. There is no judgement either way, but we wanted to offer students the most complete experience possible.

Q: There are two different pricing options, which one is best?

A: This is totally up to you! We obviously wanted to give an incentive for those that could invest all up front because it makes it easier for us to plan the full curriculum. However, if that doesn’t work for you, that is totally fine. There is the option to sign-up 3 payments that will be taken before each phase of the course. If for any reason you can’t continue, you will not be penalized, but we won’t be able to refund for the phase you have already invested in.

If you have anymore questions you can email us at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com and don’t miss saving of $200 THIS week only (prices will go up after this week), just go HERE now!