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What Makes Ultimate Sandbag Workouts Unique

sandbag training

It has taken over a decade, but more and more people are starting to really understand what makes Ultimate Sandbag workouts so very different than anything else. You might expect me to launch into a sales pitch about “sandbag workouts” being the new trend of functional fitness, but most of you that have been following us for any time know that isn’t our thing.

Let’s get this out of the way first. Is using the Ultimate Sandbag very unique? Absolutely! Every time I am at a conference people ask me the question…”can I do this with….” I get it, you might not have an Ultimate Sandbag but if you believe in the concepts and principles that we are espousing, then it isn’t a lot to get one.

Trust me, do I get what it is like to have little money and wonder if something is going to be THAT game changing that you can invest money you worked VERY hard for into such a thing. When I began my fitness career I lived in a studio apartment and ran from one gym in the morning to another in the afternoon.

I worked often 12 plus hour days and still did not have much. It grosses Jessica out to tell her about the days I would have to vacuum flies off my windows because my studio apartment was by the dumpster and every time you would open the door a few more would fly in. So, I get it.

My gym looked a lot like functional based gyms of today like Kettlebell South Bay!

Yet, even at then I believed in providing such incredible value to my clients. The UPS guy hated me as I bought kettlebells (very early 2000’s), sleds, and a host of other “odd” items. I didn’t have to, I worked in a gym that had all the standards, but I believed I was making investments and those investments would come back to me.

See how DVRT Master, Sean Lettero, makes even a single piece of equipment the best workout you can do anywhere!

When we talk about using Ultimate Sandbag workouts, the Ultimate Sandbag does play a big role in that. There are just subtle to profound differences in using our Ultimate Sandbag in the ways we are suggesting. Most of all, it is about making you better. However, if you still think we are full of it, then we have a 30-day no risk money back guarantee too! So, you can see if I am full of it or not:) Save 20% AND get a FREE gift HERE

Check out how great coaches like DVRT Master, Cory Cripe of Fitness Lying Down, are using Ultimate Sandbags, but more importantly, DVRT to help so many DIFFERENT types of people reach their fitness goals!